Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VeganMoFo day #29 - I was sooo hungry

Ever get so hungry you eat all the food before you took a pic? Well that almost happened today when I went to the Teapot for lunch w/ a friend. I remembered when there were a few bites left.

So I ask you to use your imagination. When the House Soup Noodles came to me, it was piled so high with noodles that they rose above the surface of the spicy soup. There were also finely chopped veggies and seitan. There was also a fresh salad roll to dip into the soup. YUMMMMM. It's spicy deliciousness was perfect for today (it's getting colder, ya know).

If you are in Seattle, go to the teapot and order their house soup noodles. It's on the dinner menu (oddly enough, it's not under the soup section).

Here's the last bit of my mango smoothie.

Here is Peepa's mommy, Tubs. Ok, Tubs is a boy and he's not related to Peepa. For some reason, Peepa always crawls all over Tubs looking for heat and a bath. Very strange because Tubs is the bully of the house. Tubs usually gets pissed and will growl and even bite Peepa. Peepa just ignores him and eventually Tubs settles down.

Tubs also has very sexy legs - he's not the Spotted Devil Cat for nothing.


beastmomma said...

Teapot has such yummy food!

River said...

Check out Tubs showing off his sexy leg!
That soup looks so yummy, and the drop that is left of your smoothie looks very delectable! :P

Bex said...

that food looks so yummy. Sometimes I have to shout "wait, I need a picture" just to stop us from noshing all the food before photography

super cute kitties

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

That soup looks great, and Tubs sure does have a sexy, spotted leg!

Chessa said...

I haven't been to Teapot yet, have to go SOON! That looks delicious.

Eric said...

Thank you so much for sharing the Veg Seattle site! This will be a huge help! Looks like there are a lot of great places in the University District. I'd love to live in that area!

I'll most likely be moving to Tukwila initially, because I'll work in Renton, but it looks like there are plenty of good veg-friendly places all over the area :)

Also, I'm on the Seattle Vegan meetup group. Are you on there? Maybe we'll meet in person one of these days.

VeganView said...

That soup looks so perfect for the chilly days right now! We have a teapot in Northampton, MA but I doubt it is the same thing. I am just in love with your cat!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Oh man, those soup noodles look right up my alley!

Bethany said...

I go to the seattle vegan meetup just about everytime they meet. It's really fun.

Glad that you're pumped up about coming to Seattle, the food up here just keeps getting better.

For the Love of Guava said...

drooling over the menu! I must find some good spots down my way for those nights when I just don't want to cook... veggie burgers are getting old for date nights :)