Monday, October 20, 2008

VeganMoFo day #20 - Curry Stir Fry

I'm on a kick w/ using my neglected cookbooks now. I broke out the Vegan Gourmet and made some Tempeh with Curry Peanut Sauce. You can check out this recipe on Amazon. Click on Look Inside and go to page 186.

The main components were carrots, celery, tempeh, onions, sauce & spices on top of rice noodles with soy sauce (instead of kasha). I also put a banana on there thinking it would be good. Not so much. They taste good w/ a coconut curry, but not this one because it had tempeh in it ;-).

I'll definitely make this again. It was easy to prepare and the results were good. Some changes I'd make would be:
  • double the amount of peanut sauce because it was really good.
  • fry up the tempeh in a teriyaki glaze. 8 oz of tempeh was a lot of tempeh and the flavor of the curry didn't soak in enough.

Here is Faline mid-yawn. I used to think that she had hair spots stuck to her tongue, but it's just the color of her tongue.


Zoey said...

Hi Bethany,

Your curry looks delicious.

I also love the picture of Faline yawning. Kitties are so cute mid-yawn.

wingraclaire said...

Mmmmmm...... we love tempeh, and I will definitely try this one!

VeganView said...

I am so glad you wrote on my blog! Yours is awesome! What a delish looking curry dish!

River said...

What a fantabulous looking dish! Faline looks like he's impersonating a lion there!
I added you to my blogroll, hope that's ok :)