Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VeganMoFo day #14 - What's in your (vegan) freezer

What's in your (vegan) Freezer? Started by Billy. Here's how it works:
  • Take a picture of the items in your freezer
  • Post the picture to your blog and give a summary of the items
  • Tag 5 vegan bloggers. I was tagged by Lindsay at Cooking for a vegan lover.
I'm tagging:
  1. Inna Minute
  2. For the love of Guava
  3. Soy Guy
  4. Maybe Local Vegan
  5. Vegans are friends not food
overall: my freezer is a total mess. I need to do a reorg. There is also lots of empty space. I don't know why. Typically there isn't any room. I also didn't dare to look too closely at what is in there. It will keep until the reorg ;-).

Top section. the top 2 shelves are where ice cream and things like that would hide out. right now there are some frozen dinners, seitan saurbratten from yesterday, ravioli from this month, daves killer bread and frozen veggies on the door. what a mess.

shelf #3 is typically where you would find fake meats. Like garden burgers, seitan and their like. you can see that the freezer needs a reorg because there is an apple pie in and filo dough there. side door has fruits and veggies as it should.

shelf #4 has oatmeal cookie dough and chocolate cake from last week and some other stuff.

this is the more boring part of the freezer. ice maker, drawer that is supposed to have potato products, but instead has been taken over by corn and peas. this must be the barren wastelands because it's empty except for some of those fake ice blocks.


Suzanne said...

The nanaimo bars rocked! Can't wait to go home and eat some more. :)

Traci said...

YAY!! I want to play... too bad my freezer doesn't have too much good stuff right now... :)

Bethany said...

Mine only has stuff because of Vmofo. usually, it's a place to avoid because it means eating some fake burger stuff. Andy loves it, I don't.

Bethany said...

Suzanne, today I was picking crumbs off the pan that held the nanaimo scraps.

joanna said...

your a brave brave women for putting pictures of your freezer on here. our freezer has meat from years ago, but my mom claims that you can keep it in the freezer forever. haha and i will definitely take your left over cookie dough!!

Anonymous said...

That's what I like to see, a normal looking freezer! I'm sick of seeing all the half empty, neat and orderly ones :o)

Bethany said...

you can count on me for having a total mess and not being afraid to show it :)

Though I really have to get to work on filling up the lower part w/ more stuff.