Sunday, October 19, 2008

VeganMoFo day #19 - Country Kitchen, Hot Damn and Hell Yeah

Brunch today was totally inspired by Bex at how to feed a vegan. She made some country fried tofu from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah, a really cute cookbook. Bex's came out so good, that I had to try it out. I had also been neglecting this cookbook. It's in good company. I've been ignoring lots of them. Time to start forcing myself to break the ice w/ some of these cookbooks.

In addition, I also made the biscuits and gravy from the same book. Woohoo for brunch!

Anyhow, this meal was very very good. I even sat at the table to eat it. Typically I lay around when I eat.

There is a lot of prep work, so I started yesterday. I decided to make their BBQ sauce which is a component of the tofu marinade. It was good, but I still think Veganomicon's apricot bbq sauce is my fave. The recipe made buckets of sauce, so I see a BBQ'd tofu post in my future.

Marinating tofu:

The thick soy milk bath:

The bread crumb tank:

The spicy flour dredge:

After going through all the stations, I fried them up in my cast iron pan. I found part way through that you really need to oil up that pan. They weren't sticking, but they weren't being properly fried. oil solved the problem.

Here is what the final pile up looked like. The gravy was made with crumbled up sausages. Very tasty.

Here's a picture of Peepa lounging underneath a laptop so he can leech off its heat. That cat is never warm enough. I think I'll make him another sock hoodie this year.


Bex said...

long live country fried tofu! I now know the error of my ways ignoring this cookbook. I am so very sorry vegan cooking gods :) it looks great and Peepa is adorable.

Lindsay I-F said...

swap update!~

Jeni Treehugger said...

That tofu looks sooo good. I'm getting that cook book for sure.
Peepa's soooo cute. Did you know peeper in Spanish means Sunflower Seed!!
It's spelt differently but that don't matter.

For the Love of Guava said...

I was just thinking about that cookbook... I remember getting it for a friend long before my veggie days... this is a definite sign... I must get it.

For the Love of Guava said...

and Peepa's such a sweetheart... my little scoot was sitting on my purse and scarf this morning shivering... broke my heart to leave for work!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comment on my pizza recipe. Your version sounds amazing as well. I LOVE pineapple on pizza. That picture of your cat is so adorable.

Kelly said...

I also hear you on ignored cookbooks. I neglect mine more than I probably should because I keep finding so many good sounding recipes online or in magazines.

Bethany said...

Jeni - peeper peepa, close enough. that's cute.

Guava - I cover peepa w/ blankets sometimes if I think he is cold. He doesn't mind it. Plus those cats all lay together for warmth. doesn't matter what time of the year.

Kelly - I'm really bad w/ the cookbooks if they don't have pictures or at least some text explaining why I should make the recipe. I need a little push.

Bex - thanks again for the push and the pictures of the food.

Chessa said...

I'm totally with you on needing photos or text telling me why to make a recipe. Anyone can just list ingredients! What is it about this recipe that makes it special?

Your b&g and country fried tofu look glorious!!!

And your kitties are all adorable. I miss kitty love!

laura said...

ooo, my bf has that cookbook. i should steal it from him. :-) i make another similar tofu that's baked instead of fried. i wish i could remember which cookbook it came out of.

tofufreak said...

your tofu is rated a 10/10 by tofufreak! hehe :D

Jeni Treehugger said...

Hey - I DID get the cook book!
Your Breadcrumbs look soooo good (better than mine - I used white Bread because that's what I had to hand but next time I'll deffo get a nice wholesome healthier Bread).