Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VeganMofo day #14 B - Vote yes on Prop 2

If you can vote in CA, please vote yes on prop 2.


Oprah did a piece on factory farming today. They showed the battery cages. They also showed a cage free farm, but I wish that they had clarified that not all cage free farms are outside where the chicken can free range. I guess it makes sense because they had to really simplify the issue for people that are seeing this for the first time.

They also showed a pig farm and a calf farm - both factory and free range. They really live in horrible conditions and the people running these farms really have brainwashed themselves into thinking the animals are ok w/ it. You could see a totally different attitude / vibe from the free range farmers vs. the factory farmers.

Wayne Pacelle from HSUS was on the show. Wayne Pacelle, you rock!

Oprah was awesome because at the end of the show she said that she hopes people will become more conscious about their food. She also pointed out that CA voters will have prop 2 on their ballot and the rest of us can vote at the grocery store. She did this in a way that wasn't judgmental. This is a pretty groundbreaking moment having this issue air on national TV. For most of America, this is the first time hearing about it. A lot of other people may have heard bits and pieces about it, but it is now harder to pass off as BS or propaganda since it was coming from Oprah.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Good old Oprah. It's so good to see someone in the limelight actually deal with issues like this. Didn't she go vegan for a while? Is she still vegan do you know?

Bethany said...

she did a month long vegan cleanse and blogged about it. I'm not sure if she stayed vegan after that. I gotta give her props for doing this. I'm sure lots of others tried it as a result.

Eesh said...

She didnt stay vegan after that but I listened to one of her 'enlightened' podcasts where she talks to the author of the book that made her try the vegan cleanse and it sounds as if she might be considering vegetarianism at least.

This is the second time I'm hearing about her show today from a fellow vegan blogger. I'll have to see if I can find a replay of it. Sounds really interesting.

I was gonna tag you for the freezer contents thing but I see you've already done it! Love seeing what everyone has stashed away :)

Bethany said...

I love seeing people's fridges too! That's because I'm secretly nosy.

Anonymous said...

I saw this show when it was on. The people who own the factory farms were so horrible! They don't even care for the animals. I hope it passes in CA and these animals can at least have a better life. Hopefully this starts happening in a lot more states!