Saturday, October 18, 2008

VeganMoFo day #18 - Hot Steamy Mango & a cat that does laundry

Had to go grocery shopping today, so we went out to lunch first at Square Lotus. We had heard really great things about it's vegetarian menu.

The text at the top of the menu said that their vegan menu is all vegetarian. Well, that's a good start. Then I noticed that they kept talking about egg noodles in the dishes. After talking to the waitress, she had no idea about what vegan meant. She said that there were eggs and milk in some dishes. Confusing, but we got around it. We avoided the mock meats. I was happy w/ the meal, it was really good. The also had pho, but I wasn't in the mood for a mega bowl of soup. Portions were really huge. If I had known, we would have gotten 1 less dish because I had forgotten my tupperware.

The Lotus salad had shredded lotus, carrots, fried tofu and a sweet but slightly vinegary sauce. It was different, but yummy.

The Phad Thai minus eggs was really good. I like a really wet phad thai. The only exception was a place that made a great dry phad thai. Never had it better than that place. Too bad it was pre vegan food.

The Mango Tofu was really good. Fried tofu, huge mango chunks, veggies, and a nice very slightly sweet sauce. If you ever go there, get this dish.

Spotted devil cat likes to lick this particular cat blanket thing. He also likes to lick the dog, select other cats and occasionally people noses. In addition to having mommy cat tendencies, he is a huge bully at times. His is very skilled at cleaning this blanket. It comes out nice and fluffy - even better than what the washing machine does.


yasmin said...

spotted devil cat is so cute, grooming everyone around him.

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Yummyy! SDC is cuuuuuute!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Tofu and Mango were meant to be together!!

Spotted devil cat is the cutest - tell him I've got a whole pile of washing that needs doing over here.


Happy Herbivore! said...

There is this mango-tofu recipe in VWAV I've been curious about forever -- and now that i see your mango tofu (which looks AMAZING and soooo delicious) I must try it!

Bethany said...

SDC will only do laundry that is fleecy. I guess it's his substitute when he gets sick of the other cats. he will never get sick of grooming the dog, kobie.

thanks for the tip on the VWAV mango tofu recipe. I will have to try it. Yesterday's dish was really good and they didn't use the most primo mangoes. So it would be a good way to use mangoes that aren't super juicy perfect. I need to figure out how to get a maui mango in seattle. those were the BEST ever.

Dynah said...

One of my cats licks stuff like crazy too! I often wake up to her licking my hand, or whatever part is stuck out from under the covers.

Kelly said...

LMAO @ them not understanding what vegan means. I was in Martha's Vineyard a few weekends ago and we had dinner at a BBQ joint. When asked about vegan offerings the owner told me that 1/10 customers he gets are vegan and they love his chicken. WTF.

Bethany said...

Do you think they are thinking vegans are people from Las Vegas? Because it doesn't make any sense otherwise. WTF x 2.

Martha's Vineyard is so beautiful. I love it there.

tofufreak said...

TOFU AND MANGO!!! awesome!!!! that sounds like a great combo!