Saturday, October 11, 2008

VeganMoFo day #11 - Ethiopian food, sunrice product review

I went out to lunch with a friend that was visiting Seattle today. We went to Lalibela, an Ethiopian restaurant. As usual, it was delicius. We had the veggie combo and an order of shiro wot. Here is a pic of the 1/2 eaten plate, because I started pigging out before I remembered to take pics. The plate is covered with a giant pancake like bread called ingera. Then it is covered w/ piles of the different dishes, like a simple salad, pulses that are made spicy and non spicy, collards, cabbage/carrot/potatoes, carrots/green beans. You use pieces of ingera to pick up your food off the plate. No silverware ;-). If you hadn't had Ethiopian food yet, you have to try it.

On the way home, I went grocery shopping in prep for some marathon cooking and I picked up some packaged food at my local co-op. They were both from Sunrice, a local restaurant. I have never been to Sunrice, but I get their takeout from the co-op all the time.

First up is KimPap, a nori roll with delicious marinated tofu inside, that we heated in the microwave. For some reason it tastes good that way. I love this wrap.

Second is Miso Carrot Tofu. Sort of salty from the miso, but good.


Jeni Treehugger said...

I SO have to try Ethiopian food soon. It always looks and sounds so delicious.
And that nori wrap looks blinking yum too.

Eric said...

Ethiopian food is awesome! Your lunch looks sooooo good. You've gotten me excited all over again about moving up there....lots of vegan restaurants.....and I thought Los Angeles had a lot!

That KimpPap looks really good too...