Friday, November 7, 2008

Vegetarian Holiday Feast class and Hair

I took PCC's Vegetarian Holiday Feast class taught by Birgitte Antonsen. She is the same instructor from the detox class I attended and loved. I really love her cooking. It is very satisfying and filling food that just happens to be really healthy. Here is what she made:

Roasted Marinated Root Vegetable Salad with Crispy Kale. This was really good. It's served cold, so it is good for potlucks. For some reason, the lighting wasn't cooperating, but you get the idea.

Savory Hazelnut and Herb Stuffing in Winter Squash. The depth of flavor was amazing. The key was that Birgitte made her own savory broth. It also has lentils, yum!

Creamy Rice Pudding with Warm Cherry Sauce. It has coconut milk in it, which makes it very rich, yet it was not a filling dessert. Very delicious.

This is a pic of Faline hanging out in the cat pen on my lawn chair last summer. You can just barely see her "tattoo" on her arm. I thought it was her gang symbol since she is such a tough cat, but my vet told me that it was probably hair that grew in after an injury since typically it will grow back in a different color. We checked and sure enough, Faline has a scar there which I had never noticed.
This also happened to Kobie when he lost fur from a skin rash and it grew in black instead of his reddish brown color. So he has spots. Hmmm... maybe he is trying to take over the title of Spotted Devil Cat. In this pic, he's looking up at an airplane and contemplating barking at it. The barks translate to: Don't fly over my yard, you stupid airplane!


yasmin said...

aww, finally a dog photo! hey, i just wanted to point out that i met you at the last seattle vegan meet-up, but i apologize for not introducing myself properly!

i really want to get to some of those PCC cooks classes soon, i keep forgetting to check the calendar.

the crispy kale sounds great.

Bethany said...

I thought your name sounded familiar, but wasn't sure. It was really nice meeting you and I hope you come to more meetups.

I found out today that PCC won't be mailing the course catalogs anymore, you can go online or get one in the store. The new (winter)classes go up on their site towards the end of December. I figured out that the instructors typically don't teach the same recipes twice, so the classes change.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Oh my! Those photos have made me hungry!! Are the recipes available for them anywhere? I sooo want to make ALL of it!!
LOL Faline's gang symbol!!
What an unusual marking, I've never heard of hair growing back a different colour!!
Kobie is adorable, you tell that plane Kobie!!