Sunday, November 30, 2008

Argh, got my first cold of the season & piss watch

I must have picked up a bug at the TG potluck. I gave it a chance to grow when I stayed up until 3 AM because we had to take Chippy to the kitty ER. Chippy had some blood in his urine. He seems fine now, but he has to be sequestered so we can monitor his pee action. aka piss watch. Yes, very uncouth of me.

My cold sucks big time. I have a foggy head with mega ear and throat pain. Talking and swallowing really hurts.

At least there isn't any coughing. When I get a cough w/ a cold, it lingers for months after the cold. I finally found a good doctor the last time I was battling w/ the cough.

You're probably wondering why I'm posting instead of sleeping. I needed a break from laying around in bed. I'll be back up in my bedroom prison with Chippy soon enough.


I made Julie Hasson's cobbler last week, and it is really good and most importantly very easy to make - just pour in the batter, then put fruit on top, the oven does the rest. I used blueberries as well as blackberries.


I know I've posted about Pizza Pi before, but it's awesome so you'll have to suffer through another post about them. My evil plan is to brainwash you into craving pizza - not exactly that difficult to do. Hey, I'm sick (wah), so my goals have been lowered.
We went the day after TG because cooking was too much effort. We got a cheezeburger pizza and a meatball pizza with green peppers, green olives and onion. We also got a caesar's salad. I'm really taken with the cheezeburger pizza - can you tell? The next vegan meetup is at Pizza Pi, so you know what I'm getting :)

Andy just sent me this link about cafe flora adding cocktails to their menu. Before they only had 1 vegan wine by the glass, but it was white (bleah).
I'm so boring, I will probably still get tea when I go there. They now use Remedy tea. I had a glass of regular black iced tea and it was really gross. Their earl grey was good which is important because that is what I drink for hot tea.


I caused mayhem in the house because I put some baby blankets around the big cat toy thing making a cabana, though I guess it's a catbana. Each level in the big cat toy is only big enough for 1 cat, but those worms managed to stack themselves in anyhow (Chippy, Peepa, The Judge).

I had to take the blankets down because Tubs would go on the level above it and start beating on anybody in the catbana level through through the hole they are supposed to use to move up and down the toy. Nothing new for this toy, but the blankets trapped them in more.


yasmin said...

Too bad about your cold, hope you're feeling better soon. I have a cough that's been hanging around for too long myself (hope I didn't transfer the germs). The cobbler looks delicious.

wingraclaire said...

I'm sorry you are sick and hope you feel better soon! Have someone make you some of Isa's Chickpea Noodle Soup, or some miso soup, or go to the Asisan food store and get you instant seaweed soup....

That cobbler looks really good. I have some frozen black raspberries (called black caps around here) so I could make it. And yes, you made me crave pizza. I used to make it all the time when I had kids at home, and now I'll just have to make it for the one adult kid who is hanging around following Thanksgiving. But he is on a gluten-free diet now, so I guess I'll have to find a creative crust recipe.

Good luck with the cats' pee!

Lily Girl said...

Hope you feel better soon, being sick is such a drag.

That cobbler recipe looks like a veganised version of a recipe that won a Betty Crocker recipe contest years ago. It is my family's go-to cobbler recipe - I *love* it. If you want to save a dish, you can actually mix the batter in the baking dish and then dump the berries on top. :)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Bethany and Chippy!
And thanks~ I'm craving pizza and it's only 10am. Your evil plan has worked....grr!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Oh poor you - feel better soon.
That Cobbler looks sooooo good!
I don't need any help craving Pizza - I could eat if for breakfast, lunch and tea (and often have!!).

River said...

Ugh! I'm sorry you caught a cold and hope you get better really really soon! Poor little Chippy, too, I hope he's back to his old self soon!

Your cobbler looks TOO good, and you have successfully made me crave pizza.

Thanks for the scratching tips! I have a feeling we will end up giving up at some point too! :)

For the Love of Guava said...

I'm sorry that you and Chippy are having a rough recovery from the holidays... my throats a little scratchy but mostly it's just having to force myself to do more than eat! That cobbler looks like it could give anyone a little feel better inspiration! **HUGS**

Joanna said...

aww bethany, i hope your cat is okay. poor baby.

i heard the word "uncouth" for the first time today. my american lit. teacher said it, but i still don't know what it means. i'm happy you used it though- i got a kick out of it haha

that cobbler looks so darn delicious. do you eat a lot when you're sick? i've noticed that most people say that they lose their appetite, but i am not most people. i eat like a freakin stegosaurus.

Veg-a-Nut said...

I hope you and Chippy are back on the wellness wagon soon! Love that cobbler and you never have to brain wash me for pizza. I lvoe it 24 hours a day. :o)

wingraclaire said...

I hope you and the cats are feeling better, and I butterflied you right back!


Felicity said...

I really must try a cheezeburger pizza sometime. The cobbler looks yummy!