Thursday, November 20, 2008

Butterfly Award Meme & some food & cats (of course)

I just got a Butterfly Award from Becks at I'm not a rabbit. Thanks so much, Becks. I really love reading your blog, too. And I'm glad that you like mine :)

meme rules & regs:

(1) post about the award,
(2) link back to the person that nominated you
(3) place the award on your sidebar
(4) choose 10 blogs that you think are really cool, link to them, contact each person and talk about why you think their blogs are cool

I could list way more than 10 blogs that I love, but I will follow the rules. I really have to thank VeganMofo for getting all of us blogging and reading more blogs. I know I've totally benefitted from the experience. I love getting to know more about people and expanding my world view.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

A cup of Jo - you have so much energy and you always make me laugh. I love your outlook on life and eating yummy food. My husband even knows when I'm reading your blog because he hears music :) Cheers to you and your little squirrel friend!

BeastMomma - I love that you take the time out of your busy schedule and travelling to blog about what is going on. You express yourself really well so I can really sense what you're experiencing. You should definitely keep writing because you have a gift. Seattle is going to miss you when you move back east - but it is going to be so much fun for you there.

For the Love of Guava - I always have a good laugh reading your blog. I really love your stories and the way that you describe things. Mega props for directing the Vagina Monologues, way to really get involved and do some good. Down with prop 8! Up with dinosaurs!

Here’s What You’re Missing - wingraclaire, you do really cool things and your food looks so good. I'm so happy I found your blog. I have been freezing looking at the pics of the snow you're getting. Hopefully you won't mind me constantly tagging you w/ these memes :).

Kelly's Pink Apron - I love reading about all of the recipes you've tried, I'm sure you've surpassed your goal by now for the year. I have an excel spreadsheet of recipes that I try (so I can remember them). I'm at 105 for this year, though today I'm cooking up a storm, so who knows :) Pink rules!
Married Vegan Yogini - Your blog is awesome. You really open up and write about what is going on in your life and I feel privileged to read it. I think you are a really caring and giving person.

Maybe Local Vegan - Hey there fellow Seattleite, sci fi fan and pantry stocker. I love reading about you, the food you're making and your cool family. PS. I made biscuits and gravy again and I'm reading Dawn right now - it was just sitting on my bookshelf. :)

Nineteen Ninety Nine - I love reading about your cooking exploits and how you like to try new stuff. Right up my alley. You are also the first and only blogger that I have met in person. I hope to see you at many more meetups.
Vegannifer - you have such an interesting blog. I love the way you write about your life and show cool pics of what is going on. You have tons more energy for making lots of awesome food than I do :) Oh yeah, and thanks for the cork floor tips.

veganview - You have such an energetic and exciting life. I'm so happy that you share it. I really feel like I'm in the moment when I read your blog. Makes me think of the wild times I used to have and still have yet to come. I just love the funny pics that you post - like the election signs.


Ok, I had to sneak some food in here. I replicated the cheezeburger pizza from pizza pi, Seattle's vegan pizza place. It came out really well. Though I will still get it at Pizza Pi too. I used a frozen crust because I'm super lazy in the dough department. This is one of those recipes that you're probably thinking, big deal. Trust me, it is. I think kids would love this pizza because it is fun and yummy.

It's very easy to make.
  1. Put a layer of cheeZe on your pizza and some fake hamburger type crumbles. I didn't have any so I cut up a garden burger.

  2. Bake the pizza.

  3. While the pizza is still hot, put the following topping on and eat right away. Tastes good cold the next day (you really can't heat it up unless you didn't put the cold toppings on it)

  4. first layer: drizzle mustard and ketchup on top. It sort of acts like the glue to hold on the rest of the toppings. It doesn't have to be perfectly spread on top of the pizza. I just squrit it here and there and make a mess.

  5. second layer: chopped up onions, lettuce, tomato (I didn't have any so I used red peppers) and pickles.
    I'd imagine anything you'd put on a burger is fair game - like avocado.


Now for the continuation of the 2008 cat calendar...

March: Chippy (his eyes have not been altered like I did in the tub picture)

April: Kobie (taking a break between barkings. do you like the spit on the tongue? I toyed w/ removing it during editing.)

May: Scoatt (VT kitty. That spoon is not used for cooking, just for playing w/ Scoatt. If you rotate the picture it looks like he's dancing.)

Back to the kitchen....


VeganView said...

Ahhh thank you thank you! Go on my blog where I really thank you! Out the door, but I was honored with your kind words! More fab blogs and pics to come ;)

Joanna said...

bethany!! this is so romantic of you!! this is my first blog award. even your cats and dog look thrilled.

ps- i hope you forgot to wash that wooden spoon and ended up using it for soup or something haha

beastmomma said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I will spread the love when I am on winter break or when I am procrastinating next :)

Anonymous said...

Cheers for spreading the love, I really hope that's the last meme for a while.
Mmmm, pizza.
I saw something yesterday that I thought you might like (you love sci-fi, right?) There are two new Star Wars cookbooks out (I saw them on think geek and amazon) I'm tempted to get them and veganise everything! Wookie Cookies and Yoda Soda sound awesome! >:o)

Anonymous said...

Awww!!! Thanks, Bethany! I love your blog, too! Any blog that talks about food and cats is a blog I'll definitely read!

Get a load of that pizza! I've been majorly craving pizza this week and I'm finally going to get some tonight! It won't be homemade (and therefore not nearly as delicious as yours!), but it will be good nonetheless!

Have a great weekend!

Bethany said...

becks - if you get one of those cookbooks you have to post your veganizations. I would love to see that.

vegannifer - I used a store bought crust. The rest was sort of brainless to prepare, which make it nice :) hope you enjoy your pizza tonight.

yasmin said...

Bethany, thanks. Pizza - i wish i had a pizza just waiting for me for dinner! and those calender pix are so cute.

River said...

YAY! Congratulations on the award! You and your adorable furry friends SO deserve it!
Scoatt with the spoon, it's just too cute!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Hee hee hee - it looks like Scoatt is playing spoon guitar!!
Congrats on your award - your blog's ACE and I'm so glad I found it - MoFo has a lot to be thankful for!

For the Love of Guava said...

Awww....[insert blushing & schoolgirl giggling]...

ahem [to be read in between grammy choked tears]... First, I'd like to thank Bethany for all her support & comments... Kobie for his loving eyes.... and Judge for letting others cuddle with him... oh yeah... and all the vegetables and dinosaurs that have graced my table!

hehee...Thanks lady!! First order of business: Do Meme Second: Catch up with all of SDCat's blog posts!

For the Love of Guava said...

This Fall chill makes me want to snuggle up with Kobie and I was so busy meme'ing that i totally missed that pizza... yum... why do I have no dough right now?!!!

Felicity said...

Great idea for a pizza. And your furry family is gorgeous!