Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Potluck and a Thankful Kitty (for all of the wrong reasons)

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I went to a vegan potluck and ate a lot of awesome food with a lot of fun people. Some fellow bloggers were there:
  • Yasmin - we had met at an earlier meetup. It was really nice to see her again.
  • The Vegan Ricans, but I didn't have a chance to meet them.
Here's what Andy & I made:

SusanV's Black Bean Hummus. It was delicious and you must make it. I see a 7 layer dip in my future :). I didn't use the optional soy yogurt (because I didn't have any), and I added some olive oil.

I made Hummus using my stepmother's recipe - I put olive oil and paprika on top. She first introduced me to hummus and tofu way back when.

To go with the hummus, I toasted some pitas and also made Celine's cheezy quackers. If you haven't made these crackers, you should do it because they are really great tasting. I just made squares because I'm super lazy and try to avoid cookie cutters if possible. I also made them thin and a little bit browned.

Grapes, oranges and pineapple because who doesn't love fruit.

Here's the food table at the potluck. It didn't have any free space on it (yay). This was the first wave of food. Even more came later on.

Here is the dessert table. The coconut pudding that Vegan Ricans made was really light and delicious (in the large cookie sheet). I also had a pumpkin muffin that Yasmin made. Yummy! The pumpkin pie made by Mary was great. Everybody was raving about the chocolate mousselike cheesecake, but it was gone before I was in the mood for sweets (you can see it on the far right)

Now for the thankful kitty. Of course it's Tubs. You can see how satisfied he is in the pic below. Where is he sitting, you might ask. Hmmmmm.....
Well, he's sitting on the ledge above one of the doors we had installed so that he couldn't get to the other side of the house. He jumps from the countertop to the top of the cabinets (the only cat that can do this in the house), then pushes aside the boxes Andy put on top to block his way and literally walks onto the ledge, then typically jumps into the forbidden zone. I'm sort of surprised that it has taken him months to figure this out. Well, now the spot he is sitting is filled with boxes. Hah!


Felicity said...

Ha, you go Tubs! He will find a way to thwart your obstacles again, just give him time. Once my cats managed to somehow push my breadmaker off the countertop and onto the floor, I have not quite figured that one out yet. They are clever and cunning creatures (just one of their many charms).

The Thanksgiving potluck looks really good... love the idea of black bean hummus, mmmm.

Cody said...

Cats are awesome. And incredibly infuriating sometimes.

That fruit looks yummy. Everyone in my family (and Brad's) gets canned or frozen fruit... and it's usually the pineapple that offends me most.

Mihl said...

What a spread! A Thanksgiving potluck sounds like a fantastic idea.

Ha, ha that kitty!

Jeni Treehugger said...

What a stealth move by Tubs!
Really, if a Cat wants to get somewhere they will - regardless of how we try to stop them (that seems to make them more determined anyway!!).

Nice looking food - I especially like your Black Bean Hummus and those Cheezy Quackers look WAY professional.
Must try them, what a perfect accompanient to dips.

River said...

Bad kitty! We are struggling with a couch scratcher. Any tips? You know, since you are the Cat Master? :D

The vegan potluck looks AMAZING! So many goodies, so little time!!

Joanna said...

Tubs is an evil genius hehe I am not surprised he's your cat, Bethany ;)

Did Thanksgiving take place at your house? If so, you must've had a ton of people. I've never seen so much food at a potluck!! I love classic hummus a lot, but Susan V's is probably amazing. I used her pumpkin pie recipe (I ate 6 slices!!) haha

Anonymous said...

He he! Cats are evil geniuses! Mwahahaha!

Bethany said...

Joanna - it wasn't at my house. I used to have parties, but I need to do stuff to my house and yard before I will let anybody over.

cody - I like fresh pineapple, but when I'm desperate I will used canned, but only for cooking.

River - I posted on your blog w/ my less than useful cat tips. less than useful because I gave up and they have scratched my couch up.

everybody - I agree that the cats are evil and way too tricky. But I'm stubborn when it comes to them and I will continue the fight of woman vs. Tubs.

I just saw a dog on TV that can stand straight up, open the upper cabinets, smack a bunch of food out of it, then steal the peanut jar. jerky dog.

For the Love of Guava said...

Oh my! That spread looks UH-mayZEEing! My TG's was more picking through stuff to see what I could eat then feeling guilty for having to settle for vegetarian options... some good recipes came out of it though! I really have to do Thanksgiving at our house next year... or at least one of them!