Saturday, November 22, 2008

Many Thanks, Beastmomma

I won the book, Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson, in a contest hosted by Beastmomma. Thank you so much, it was really nice of you to share a book that you really loved. I just finished a book and will be starting it tonight.

If you haven't checked out Beastmomma's blog, you should stop by. She has a gift for writing. When I read her blog, it makes me look at my own experiences in a new light.


I made the banana date scones from veganomicon. They were good, but not as flaky as typical scones. Probably because of the bananas - they always give a strange texture to baked goods that I'm only 80% in love with. Banana bread is a different story, it gets 100% love.

They did taste better texture wise the 2nd day. Maybe that's the trick w/ banana items.

I cut the amount of dates in 1/2 because the recipe called for 8 oz, which worked out to be about 40 dates. I really liked the mix of finely chopped nuts and the dates.


Back to the current year's calendar:

June: Tubs - He likes to hide in the grass. He thinks he's being stealth, but I can almost always find him. Though he must have some skills, because on the rare occasion when I let Kobie in the cat cage, Kobie can't find him. So much for Kobie's sense of smell.

July: Chippy - I have a lot of pics of the cats on the concrete stackup. They love it. Makes for a repetative cat calendar :(

August: Faline - You can't see it very well in this smaller version of the pic, but I altered her tag to say "I like to lay around all day and eat catnip". Nobody noticed it in the calendar (where you could totally read it).


Joanna said...

your cats are so well-behaved!! do they try to run away from you when they are outside?

it takes like 30 minutes to find my cat if she gets out. she doesn't have claws, so we have to keep her inside. she always goes under the deck where no human can possibly fit.


i can't wait to see the finished cat calendar!! you'll have to put all the pics together on one of your next entries.

your pictures inspired me to give my cat her own photoshoot last night. let's just say she doesn't really have any slimming angles haha

Bethany said...

they are NOT well behaved :)

They go outside, but only into a cat enclosure. I totally don't trust them in the wild. In addition to the typical cat dangers outside, we have coyotes and other animals out here.

when they do escape (hasn't happened many times) it can take forever to get them back in.

I'm sure your cat loved the photoshoot. i know mine do (not) :). I hope you post your pics.

I take a lot of pics every year, I delete a lot of them, and there are about 3 pics every year per cat that meet the bar if I'm lucky.

It's gotten better now that I have a low light lens. I got an SLR because it meant less cat red eye.

beastmomma said...

Thanks for the shout out Bethany! I hope that you enjoy the book and I am glad that it arrived safely.

Zoey said...

I love the kitty pictures, thank you for sharing them.

River said...

Super yummy scones!! Your blog always cheers me up with all the cat cuteness! :)

For the Love of Guava said...

hehee... scoot's a bad hider like tubs... he's really silly sometimes I think he thinks that if he doesn't make eye contact with me I can't see him and I'll let him stay snuggled in bed a few minutes longer... the funny thing is he's so small that when he's not trying to hide and following you around sometimes he gets locked in rooms because he follows so close on your heels!

Bethany said...

Chippy is always getting locked in rooms. He sneaks in really fast. Like the pantry (aka closet in the kitchen).

Felicity said...

Ha, isn't that strange, my furry beasties love lying around all day and eating (catnip and otherwise) too! ;)