Wednesday, December 24, 2008

VeganSnowFo day 5 - almost dark days yum-panada

This is my second time making the empanadas from Veganomicon. They are just as yummy as the first time. Delicious butternut squash, jalapenos, black beans and other goodness all wrapped up in a flour cornmeal crust. They taste even better after they have been frozen. Gotta love that.

This could almost be a dark days of Local cooking, but alas, the flour while milled in WA, is from Utah. That puts this recipe at roughly 70% local instead of close to 90%. Still, that's pretty good. Everything else except the black beans, spices, and maple syrup is from WA. I'll get there eventually. When I say eventually, I mean when I'm not snowed in. And it is STILL SNOWING.

I have to thank Chocolate Covered Vegan for her copious posts on butternut squash. They convinced me to get one and roast it to make the filling for the empanadas. Yummy!

I have to also thank Chessa for posting on her roasted squash seeds. It forced me to roast mine - typically I'm too lazy. I'm glad I did, not only are they a good source of protein, but they are really tasty. The hubbard seeds are the bigger ones. They are good, but the butternut seeds have a very thin shell, so you get more of the inside stuff per seed.


This time of the year, Andy & I make sugar cookies from an old Veggie Life magazine. I'm in charge of cookie cutting and glazing. He does the sprinkles and oven.

Joanna, this scene of the zombie squirrel making more zombies is for you.

oh, kissing swans, what giant cranberry eyes you have...


Chippy likes to sit on the monitor to get warm. In the background you can see the frozen tundra which is the yard.


VeganView said...

Ahh what a cool post! So much fun! Happy Holidays!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

There is so much amazingness in this post, I don't know what to comment on first!

Thanks for the shout-out, and also for the collard recipe and the idea to roast the squash seeds. Why didn't I think of that?

I looove the flamingos!!! Too cute!

Wishing you some warmer weather (but maybe not the 80 degrees we have here!).

Felicity said...

hahaha, I love the giant cranberry eyes, but they do make the cookies look rather zombie-like. I can't believe how much snow you've had!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I've been wanting to make those empanadas, but all the work seems daunting! Cute cookies! I like the swans.

River said...

Aww, Chippy! Your cookies are too cute! The zombie squirrels and the kissing giant-eyed swans are so cool!

Shehrry_Bobbins said...

What do you use for sprinkles and frosting color? Care to share your frosting recipe?

Bethany said...

for the frosting, I wing it. I sift the powdered sugar in a bowl, add in some soymilk until it's thick but slightly runny. Too thick and it's no longer glaze. then I add in vanilla.

I forget where I got this food coloring. the blue that I have is more of a purple color. the red adds a light sweet beet flavor.

the sprinkles and nonpariels are the "lets do organic" brand that you can get at health food stores or at an online vegan place. It would probably be easier to grate up chocolate.

I also used coconut, crushed candy canes, colored sugar, and dried cranberries.

For the Love of Guava said...

awww... man... we were totally bummed out not to be able to partake in Mr. Guava's Mom's sugar cookies this year (pretty much the only holiday food really missed... and my mom's legendary potato mac salad)... those look muy delicioso!!! NOM!!

And now that i'm slowly weaning myself off my tot addiction... I keep seeing empanada like deliciousness all around... and I already did pot pie... hmmm... what else can I wrap in biscuity like goodness????

Veg-a-Nut said...

I roasted butternut squash seeds and they were fantastic. Thakn you for the great idea and link!!!