Thursday, December 18, 2008

Haning out in the Snow-attle area

Ugh. There is over 1 foot of snow outside and it's still coming down. Western Washington is snowed in. Most of the roads are closed. The local news has taken over so that they can report on the roads. This is a good thing. I hope people are watching it and it makes them stay at home. Kudos to the WA meterologists, they did a very good job of giving everybody many days warning before the storm.

I can tell whazzup w/ the temperature by looking out the window at the lone icicle on the porch roof. Yesterday it was melting like crazy (majority of it was from the roof runoff down the icicle) and today it is longer and not going anywhere.

Chessa, you would be proud of me because we went out yesterday and stocked up on supplies. Though I did have a bunch already.

I got sick of seeing all the snow coverage, so instead I'm watching a show on global warming, Six Degrees Could Change the World. Very depressing. Actually we're pretty screwed with every degree change, let alone 6. I have to believe that global warming has something to do w/ all this snow in Seattle where it doesn't belong.


We're getting more snow tomorrow and on Sunday. The worst part is that I have to go out in the snow sometime over the next few days to take Kobie to the vet. He nibbled a hole in his foot. It's about the size of 1/3 of a dime. He's always been a foot groomer, but this is taking it too far. I think he'll be ok because I cleaned it, put sterile gauze on it, then wrapped his leg in ace bandages. The wrapping needs to go up over his back so it won't slip off. I also have to watch him like a hawk because he will chew the bandages off.

Here is a pic of him moping on his doggy bed. He keeps staring at me trying to guilt trip me. He should enjoy his relative freedom now because tonight he's wearing a cone.
I'm sure he's also pissy because he wants to play in the snow. The next time he goes out to the bathroom, I'll put a plastic bag over his leg and let him play. I'm not a totally mean mommy!

UPDATE: Kobie snuck off and bit through some bandaging and he loosened the stuff around his foot, so he has been rewarded w/ closer scrutiny and one of my socks. Somebody isn't so tough looking w/ a red kitty cat sock, is he?


We went back to the Wayward Cafe. This time I took pictures, so you'll all want to go eat there and meet the new owners. Well, if you've been to Pizza Pi and Sidecar, chances are you already know them :).

Scram Bam Thank You Ma'am (scramble, toast, hashbrowns). The red stuff is hot sauce and the toast is coated w/ nutritional yeast. In fact you can see the shaker behind the toast. woohoo!
The Wizard (seitan, pepperoncinis, sauerkraut on rye bread with home fries and a pickle). This sandwich was amazing. Pepperoncinis = genius.

Guava, if you move to that neighborhood, I'll get the house next to yours.


Numi Tea tasting continues. I've been really pleased with the tea from the sampler collection.

Aged Earl Grey (caffeine)(Assam Black Tea, Italian Bergamot fruit). They don't use oil of Bergamot, but instead use the fruit itself. The Earl is my favorite tea of all time, so I'm pretty picky about it. I thought this was a good cup of tea. Yummy. FYI - I drink mine with soy milk except when I have it iced.

Morning Rise Breakfast Blend (caffeine)(Keemun, Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam). This was a really nice blend.


My cold is getting much better. I'd venture to say that I'm done w/ the cold and I'm in post cold cough mode. This phase still makes me feel weak. I went to the doctor last Friday and got some prescription nasal sprays that will fix my post nasal drip which causes my cough. The sprays have a horrid chemical "taste/smell" to them. It can still smell it for hours after a huffing.


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Yuck. Definitely still with you with the illness. I am finally plague-free. But the cold is hanging on. I feel just fine, really... just the post nasal drip thing is soooo icky. And the gaggy cough. Ugh.

I am so sick of myself being sick. Three weeks, right? Grrr...

And now we are in parallel weather universes! Expecting a foot or so of snow tomorrow. Lovely. Can't wait. Can you hear the sarcasm??

beastmomma said...

I am stranded in Seattle; I changed my flight from today to Saturday. Hopefully, I will be able to depart.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Awww bless Kobie - hope he's better soon - he needs that sock to hang up for Santy to put his pressies in.
I had to rush one of my cats to the vets on Wednesday. He had a blocked urinary tract (he had the same in September too - seems like he's always going to suffer with this!!).
I'm worried about leaving all the babies over Christmas - but it's like Mr treehugger said - at least it happened now and not whilst we're away where it could have easily gone unnoticed by the kind people coming to feed them twice a day. It is a killer!!
I will worry the whole time I'm away.

Felicity said...

Kobie has that Forlorn Dog look down pat! I'm sure he'll be fine. Glad you are feeling better.
The Wayward Cafe looks great... there are no veggie or vegan restaurants in the town we live in, though my FIL thinks I should open one (haha).

Anonymous said...

Poor Kobie! >:o(
And I'd love to have a foot of snow here, I know it's easy to enjoy the snow when you don't have to leave the house, but I can't help but adore it!
*With simply no place to go~ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!* (my singing sucks! Sorry!) >:o)
It's really not good that you have to venture out in that weather to take poor Kobes to the vets though! Hope the little guy is O.K xxx

Chessa said...

I'm totally so proud of you for stocking up! Nice work! We made a Trader Joe's stock up run on Monday night, so we're reasonably prepared, too.

The snow is CRAZY. Were you awake yesterday morning for the THUNDERSNOW?! I looked for unicorns, but I didn't see any.

Ugh, I have another cold now, too. Why, why, why?!? I hope yours is on the mend and that you are cough free soon.

I just remembered - you were actually in my dream last night! Or your blog was. You were writing about the PCC classes you were taking next round, and I was confused that you were taking Southern Vegan Comfort again. But come to think of it, if she varied the menu, I would totally take it again!

Hope Kobie feels better soon, too. At least he gets to rock out with a kitty sock.

Gotta get to Wayward Cafe, soon!

Bethany said...

beastmomma - I hope you get a flight today. I'm resigned to be snowbound. Hopefully when you get back, we'll be back to the rain.

Jeni - urinary problems in a cat are horrible. especially because . you should think about separating the cats so you can have them monitor his pee pee. that's what we're doing w/ chippy.

Felicity - you should open a restaurant. or you could bake things and have cafes sell them.

Becks - I'm enjoying the snow in a way. Kobie's foot looks ok, so I'm not stressing.

Chessa - I heard about the thundersnow, but I didn't get to witness it. It sounded cool. Cough is getting better but it takes weeks to get rid of. bleah! I hope you're feeling better soon.

For the Love of Guava said...

OMG!! Those pictures... you're killing me! I really may have to pack up and move (we could breakfast all the time!)... plus who will comfort Kobie through his paw crisis?? Poor pup! He looks like Dub when Dub got a foxtail... we had to soak it in Epson salt then I wrapped it and put a plastic glove over it! He gave me the EXACT same look!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I love the sock! Poor guy :o/

Hope it warms up there soon!