Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Package swaperino

Package swap time. Just what I need to lift my spirits out of this sickness funk I've been in. I got my package from Vegannifer last night. Woohoo! I love getting packages, especially when I don't know what will be inside. It's like getting a birthday present.

Thanks Vegannnifer for all of the great goodies! I'm saving the food for later when I'm all better and my taste buds are working again. Normally, I would try everything right away because I have no control around tasty treats :).

I also want to thank Lindsay for organizing the swap.

Here's what the package contained:

Cat magnet. Very cool. How'd you know I loved cats? It is too true that they think everything belongs to them.

Fancy bird ornament. This is going on my living room wall. I put all xmas decorations (and other things) there and they stay up all year long.

Chocolate covered gogi berries. mmmm... chocolate.

Vegan fudge. Yummy. I haven't had fudge in years. I see it all the time and read the ingredients, but alas it's never vegan (why do I try?).

Vegan chocolate. I love really high cacao content. It also has cayenne, maple sugar, maca, vanilla, salt and lucuma. I've never had maca or lucuma before. I'm looking forward to this.


Here's Tubs and Peepa sitting on the cinderblock stairs that lead from the cat cage into the house. Super fancy! (not). All of the cats like to sit at the top step and block other cats from going outside on a nice day. If the weather is bad, they sit inside and block each other from coming in. These fights are the reason we go through way too many replacement flaps on the cat door (which is actually a small dog door).

Sometimes Kobie needs to stay in the cat cage. This is how he lets us know he wants to come inside.


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Great swap stuff!!

Awwww Kobie... what a cute face!

Kelly said...

What a lovely package. I can imagine how frustrating it would be to read so many packages and find them not vegan. I have the same frustrations with alot of things and am not even vegan. Hope you're feeling better.

Marni said...

As swap sounds fun. I'd like to get in on one of those someday.

Love the animal pics! :)

Cody said...

Fudge, you say? Yummy.

Tara said...

Cool swap! I love the cat cage and Kobie's sweet face. Hope you start feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Kobie is so cute :)

Jeni Treehugger said...

What a GREAT swap!
Vegan Fudge!!
Nom nom nom.

Have I ever told you how much I love Kobie!!

*rubs noses*

For the Love of Guava said...

hehee... I often have to stop Dub from trampling Scoot or remind Scoot that the rest of us and all of our belongings aren't his personal walkway! And... grr... get out of the way Treehugger it's my turn to hug Kobie!! hehee... isn't he the little heartbreaker?!

Anonymous said...

I love the outside cage you have going on there, I've been wanting to do something like that for my guys with ages - awesome!!!

Joanna said...

heyy bethany!! you won a blog award, so go snatch it off my blog. hope it makes you feel better. it's in portuguese, so i'm sure you'll know what it says haha

Tara said...

Hey, I'm awarding you a blog award, too! You are doubly loved! I have it posted on my blog.

Felicity said...

Kobie's so cute. Cat cage is a cool idea. Swapping sounds fun. (Short sentences today.)

River said...

Aww, more Kobie cuteness!!

What an awesome package! The cat magnet is adorable!