Monday, September 15, 2008

Vermont in August

After Nebraska we went to Vermont to visit my family. All of my brothers and sisters were there. It was really fun hanging out. Here is where we ate. Burlington area. Unfortunately there isn't a purely vegan place in either state.

A Single Pebble is a chinese restaurant that has some vegan dishes (duh, I don't know why I wrote that, why else would I go there?). They had the BEST lightly battered and deep fried seitan in a mongolian type sesame sauce. I have been dreaming of it, but a 10 hour flight seems like a bit far for dinner. We also had some soup that was ok, but they gave us a cauldron of it so it wasn't as satisfying since we had too much of it. We had puffy white scallion rolls sort of like the dough used for steamed buns. The kung pao sauce was good, but they used that super hard tofu that is like vulcanized rubber.

We got pizza from Leonardo's pizza. The web (not their site) said that they had vegan cheese options. Well they didn't. It was non vegan soy cheese. So here is what we got. As far as the vegan cheeseless pizza scene goes, it sort of sucked.
Sakura's is a Japanese restaurant that has been around forever. Last time I was here, I noticed that they were very vegan savvy and accomodating, so we went again. It was very good. We got tons of food. Here is the stuff that we took pics of. There was also teriyaki tofu, seaweed salad and miso.

Age Dofu

Sushi Rolls. The roll on the far right has 2 brown bean like things in it. It is super disgusting natto.

Edamame, how I love thee.

We had a picnic at a state park w/ my dad. I made carrot cake from Vegan With a Vengeance (VWAV). It was excellent. Not really surprising since that book is so wonderful.

This is a label of some takeout from City Market, a health food store in Burlington. We wolfed it down before we took a picture. I love this stuff. Mmmmmm....
Stone Soup is a restaurant that has lots of vegan options. Their sandwiches are really awesome.

Seitan Reuben

Pepper Seitan
BLT Type thing
forgot the name of this one
Fruit Crisp
Thumbprint cookie (sort of dry)
Scenes of their hot and cold bars and their desserts. They typically have 1 or 2 vegan desserts.

The Daily Planet doesn't have vegan items on their menu, but they can make substitutions - but you have to ask the server to check if everything is vegan - like the bread that they served with butter, the mayo based dipping sauce that they served w/ the appetizer, etc. The portabello burger was really good. The rest of the food was not anything super special. The was an onion based tomato dish that was really sweet. The 3rd dish was a bunch of grilled veggies and a crispy thing to eat it with. Luckily we all rotated plates. I would have been really bummed if I had to eat a full portion of some of it.

We celebrated my mother's 70th bday this summer instead of in December. I made 4 different kinds of cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World. Everybody loved them. I sent my brother the cookbook since he was really loving the maple cupcakes and asked for the recipes. I made maple, marble, s'mores. I also made lemon gems from VWAV. The frosting is messed up because I had the shortening too close to the stove and the kitchen was super hot. So it didn't turn out all fluffy and perfect like it normally does.


Lindsay I-F said...

There is now a purely vegan restaurant in Burlington called New Ethic Restaurant on North St.

Also in Montpelier with the exception of some sushi and egg rolls most everything at Rhapsody is vegan.

Bethany said...

That's good to know, Thanks. I was wondering why there wasn't a vegan restaurant in Burlington of all places ;-). I had my eye on Rhapsody, but never ventured far from Burlington, South Hero (dad), or St Albans (mom). I did get to go through my home town, Essex Jct, and it seems so small since High School.