Monday, September 22, 2008

Class #2 - Bread making

I took my second class from PCC. It was a hands on whole wheat bread making class that was more about technique than recipes. My two objectives were to learn how to make whole wheat bread (white is easy) and to fix my broken yeast bread making mojo. I think the class helped me on both accounts. My mojo issues could be because I wasn't kneading the bread long enough. Probably because I'm lazy.

During the class we made an oatmeal whole wheat bread that was adaped from a Laurel's Kitchen Bread cookbook. We did it all: mixed up dough, kneaded, rising, baking. In between risings and baking, the instructor showed us how to do shaping and slashing with a spicy currant bread dough. She also talked about lots of other stuff. Like why you don't cut a bread right out of the oven - unless you're going to eat the whole thing right away ;-).

Here is my tiny loaf. I only put oats on 1/2 of the outside. This bread is really whole wheaty, but it's good. Right now my favorite bread is Dave's Killer Bread. Sprouted bread is about a million notches above where I'm currently at skill wise on the bread making ladder.

After class I went grocery shopping (PCC is a co-op). The bread was really warm in my knapsack and it made me smell like a bakery. Yum!


Lily Girl said...

Oh yes, I've been making Dave's Killer Bread about once a week since Julie put up the post. *Love it*
That sounds like such a great class! It is so fun that you attend cooking classes regularly.

Bethany said...

wow, thanks for the tip. I didn't know he had shared a recipe. I love watching those shows on everyday dish.