Monday, October 6, 2008

VeganMoFo day #6 - taco time - well better than that

I knew there was a reason I wasn't supposed to make tacos tonight, but I forgot. Then I remembered it was because the avacado wasn't ripe. oh well...

These are very simple, but consistently good tacos. I use refried black beans, tomatoes, fake cheese, onions, red peppers, lettuce and whatever else I can think of. oh yeah, avacado. ha ha.
The shells are nice because they are cheap and easy to make. Plus you get to eat them nice and warm. Their softness sort of reminds me of polenta. You want to eat all of them the same day - though leftovers have never been a problem with these. Who can you thank for these? The 1970's Betty Crocker, that's who. the pics look better if you don't have your monitor turned up super bright. otherwise they look like a big pasty disc.

Here's the recipe. makes 12 small/medium shells. if you're a huge taco lover, you can easily eat 6 on your own. plus you're going to ruin the first one.
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup corn meal - i use the kind that is like flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 egg replacers - I use Ener'G
  • 3 cups water
  • oil for frying
  1. mix all of your dry ingredients

  2. add water and whisk together

  3. mix up your egg replacer (If it's Ener'G, whip w/ a fork until frothy/thick), then add it to the batter

  4. cook them in a pan like you would a pancake - not too much oil. wipe any excess out w/ a napkin. I move the pan around in a circle to spread out the batter. you want it to be thin. When it's dry on one side, then flip it. The first one will come out sort of gross, just like pancakes. the pan is just getting ready ;-).

  5. after that you're in business. don't add more oil to the pan after you do the first one.

  6. you can make them all at once and keep them warm in the oven. or do what we sometimes do. 1 person cooks one, fills it, eats it while the next person is cooking theirs. fancy, huh?

  7. eat while warm. that's it.
not ready to flip. you want the whole thing to be dry, like the edges are in this pic. If you flip too soon, you can always flip again. They are semi forgiving.
this is what it looks like when it's flipped.
This is what it looks like if you flipped it again. Just showing you so you know what it should look like.
I also had this drink w/ dinner. Thai dragon tonic by Heartsong pepper brews. It is sort of like a peppery lemonade. Not sure where I stand on it. But I'm still drinking it.


Sheree' said...

OH my gosh! Homemade shells. I am so gonna try these. Wow! I am so excited. :o) Simple is the theme today on most of the blogs.

Debbie said...

Neat! I've never made my own taco shells before. It kind of looks like flipping pancakes. I can never get them perfectly circular.

Keith said...

Amazing! I can't wait to try my hand at homemade shells...that is too fun.

Celine said...

these pictures are making me dreamy. and drool-y.

Lily Girl said...

Mmmm, I need to make my own tortillas soon, it's been ages. Those look delicious. You can't beat homemade.

Kati said...

Those tacos look delicious! How industrious of you to make your own tortillas - I've always wanted to do that but never have.

Pepper lemonade? Interesting.

eesh said...

Excuse me but you make your own taco tortillas! That's amazing. Even in my wildest days I would not have thought to do that hehe. Well you make it look very easy and that recipe is not complicated at all. I'll definitely have to give it a shot. I love tacos/burritos/fajitas etc etc. I can just eat one everyday if I was allowed to ;)

Bethany said...

Those shells are super easy. My mom has been making them forever, that's how I know aobut them. Thanks, mummy. Betty has a step where she deep fries them, but my mom was smart and skipped that step. 70's Betty was not afraid of deep frying.

Anonymous said...

Yum! These look good!! As the baby seems to be a big fan of Mexican food, we'll have to try them out.

Mimi said...

oh that looks good!

Anonymous said...

Those taco shells look so delicious... *droooool!*

Chessa said...

Those shells look awesome! I want em now!

Anonymous said...

Throw some 75 cent guac on that and you've got yourself a winner

Bethany said...

kfed, that guac is much too good for my tacos. worth every penny.

wingraclaire said...

I've never tried making taco shells but I will now; these look delicious!

(I'm the livejournal blog you commented - -- this blogspot one I don't use.)

Zoey said...

Hi Bethany,

Thank you for posting your taco shell recipe. Just last weekend I noticed that the tortillas we buy are now $4 for 10 shells. That seems like a lot so I am going to give these a try!

Anonymous said...

Big Kev: dude the 75 cent guac should stay where it belongs, at taco bell