Monday, October 13, 2008

VeganMoFo day #13 - Canadian Thanksgiving potluck

Today was the much anticipated seattle vegan meetup Canadian thanksgiving potluck.

I made John and Hilana's Vegan Nanaimo Bars. I first found out about their recipe from Melisser at the Urban Housewife blog. Thanks for posting about it! They were a really delicious sugar rush. The first layer is a coconut cocoa graham cracker crust. The middle is a super thick frosting. The top is chocolate and earth balance ganache. This was my first time having one. We had driven through Nanaimo before in our pre-vegan days and even seen a bar in a bakery. They were just so huge that I was scared to get one - I couldn't make that much of a commitment ;-). Well many years have passed and I can say, they are really good. If you're going to a potluck or have a way to share them, go for it. Otherwise all that suger might make your brain explode.

Andy made seitan saurbratten. It's a sour roast. Recipe from The meat lover's vegetarian cookbook. Marinate some seitan in hot apple cider vinegar, spices, bay leaf. Then fry it up with onions and carrots. Then add the marinade back in and reduce. We got there late, so lots of people were full. Which only means there will be some saurbratten in our freezer. This pic shows the seitan in the marinade reducing state. We didn't make the braised red cabbage that typically goes well w/ this dish. Recipe for that from the same book.
The potluck was a lot of fun. It was in the middle of nowhere, just like where we live. It's fun to drive over the river and through the woods to Thanksgiving. No horses, just a prius. But it knew the way. I'm psyched for the next potluck. Somehow I missed taking the pictures of the dessert section of the table and some other dishes. I am not a potluck photographer. I see the food and I want to chow it down. Thanks a million John & Mary for hosting this event!


Lindsay I-F said...

You've been Tagged!

eesh said...

Oh my that looks amazing! What a feast!

Bethany said...

It was so good. you can barely see the plate of sugar cookies, but some of them were acorn shaped w/ cute frosting on top.

KZ said...

wow. what a spread! oh... canada