Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sick, but still trying new recipes

ugh, I'm still sick. So far, my cold has the same pattern as Andy, bringer of the cold.

1*drify feeling, bit of a sore throat, no energy for about a week.
2*bam! 1 night and 1 day of severe sore throat hell
3*back to driftyland + hacking stuff up for another week.

--not much sleep during this whole thing, I'm sure that helps.

I'm in step 3 and hoping it is over soon. I've had about all the gross tasting sicky tea that I can stand. I want to get back to my beloved elliptical!


Despite my sickness, I've been cooking because the thought of a can of soup makes me sick(er). So much for my plans of freezing soup and having it when I really needed it, because I already mowed my way through the small stockpile months ago.

I checked out Alicia Silverstone's Kind Diet from the library and have been trying before I buy. Her recipes are very simple to make, with 2/3 awesome results so far. The other 1/3 was just ok. I plan to try some more recipes, but I'm leaning towards buying it.

Azuki beans with kabocha squash. Just 5 ingredients, and AMAZING! I've made it 2x already and will make it many many more. There isn't a whole lot of work involved, either, which I love. I disobeyed a bit by roasting the squash (acorn, not kabocha) instead of peeling and boiling on top of the beans.

Crispy Brown Rice PB Treats. I added in some whole peanuts. I love these squares, made them twice to prove it. I like Barbara's or Erewhon crispy brown rice cereal for this. They taste just like Rice Krispies only better. Alicia was on Rachel Ray, and the recipe is posted here.
Moroccan Couscous w/ Saffron. This was ok, nothing too special. I have leftovers and plan to add some chickpeas and TBD ingredients to kick it up a notch.

It's not often that Tubs successfully snuggles up with Kobie. Typically it ends in growling and other threats. Can't blame him, a dog has to have some boundaries w/ all those pesky cats vying for his attention. PS. don't you love Kobie's foot feathers?