Friday, July 31, 2009

Guava Love is quite an experience, let me tell you!

Many many thanks to the talented Guava for crocheting me this awesome kitty hat and sexy glovelets for PIF! Aren't they gorgeous? I need them because Andy keeps the house like a walk in freezer during the winter. Now I will be able to knit, snack, and draw up yurt plans while I watch TV or listen to books on tape.

I'm modeling them in a blueberry field near Mt. Si. Perhaps it was a bit hot that day for a hat, but sometimes it is so hot that one hat can't make a difference. I was there on a meetup for the Seattle Veg Activity and Adventure group on

(I got my hair chopped, around 8 inches. All this nasty 90 degree plus weather we've had forced me to do it.)

Mt. Si was our backdrop for the u-pick blueberries. It looks like I took a blurry pic, but I didn't. It looked like that in real life because of the heat.

As if blueberry picking in the heat wasn't enough, we went on a hike afterwards at Twin Falls State Park. The hike was along this river.
On the way back along the trail we took advantage of a swimming hole. The water was like ice, but somehow I made it in. Not everybody did.
This is me jumping off a rock. It took me forever to get past my fear because you had to run off the dry mossy part and push off from the rock where the moss ended. It really freaked me out because I thought I'd slip and crack my head. I don't want to share my precious vegan blood with a rock.

Once I was back in the frigid waters, I just didn't have the strength to swim upstream to this much easier jump. It was higher up, but better because you were jumping straight down. No running necessary. This is Andy in action. Not the yellow cat, the jumper.~~~~~

This is Tubs earlier this summer. He looks sort of crabby because I'm disturbing his nap.


PS. Jenna, I will post on Sutra soon. You were right, it was fabulous!


Andrea said...

I hear you've all been practically living in a furnace the past few days, but I guess it's never too soon to prepare for winter with a great hat and glovelets.

Although picking berries and hiking sound great, jumping off that rock into glacial meltoff would have been a bit beyond beyond my fear limits. Congratulations for bravery!

I'll be interested in hearing about Sutra. We just gave our son and d-i-l a gift certificate there for their anniversary.

Tubbs is a most handsome kitty!

Jen Treehugger said...

Oh WOW! What awesome kitty hat and gloves. Pink and brown go together so well. That scenery is just so beautiful - what a wonderful place to live near. I would have been a bit too scaredy pants to have jumped off that rock so GO YOU!!!

Loving Tubs with his crabby face.

janelle said...

I love the kitty hat and gloves. Making things is so satisfying. And you reminded me, it's that time of year to go to a blueberry picking farm! Yay!

For the Love of Guava said...

Awww... Devil Kitty... you do me PROUD! I'm so glad everything fit... and you still love me even though I send you ridiculously hot things in the middle of summer... plus.. you're right... you do look darling in Pink/Brown... GOOD CHOICE!:)

That swimming hole looks amazing! Although I probably would have been the one to crack my head open and ruin everyone's fun! Hehee...

Ooh... and Tubs looks like a jungle cat... I totally thought he was wildlife that you saw on your hike then I saw the collar! Ha! Tell him that pic is doing worlds for his street cred!

Anonymous said...

I meant to tell you yesterday - the haircut looks great!