Monday, August 3, 2009


Sutra was so amazing! I've been getting nagged by Jenna for a long time to go, but only recently made it there. Bad Bethany! I should have gone much sooner.

Sutra is a cozy little vegetarian restaurant with a funky cool atmosphere. The walls are painted w/ vibrant colors that I would want in my house if I could get the energy to paint.

They have scheduled seatings with a fixed menu. If you want a vegan meal, let them know when you make the reservation - you totally need reservations. It takes about 2.5 hours for the meal. It was a very animated environment, which is fun for groups. At the same time, it is easy to filter out the conversations and be all romanticky if you want.

We sat at the bar, which gave us the opportunity to see all of the prep action in their open kitchen. Well, yours truly saw it through a haze of wine - I'm a lightweight when it comes to wine, doncha know.

It was blazing hot when we arrived as it has been for weeks now. It was nice to have some frozen grapes before dinner started. If you haven't tried frozen grapes, do it. They are like a mini popsicle.
Zucchini, Avocado, Sesame, Basil, Fresh Cayenne Napoleon with a Tomatillo Nigella Sauce. Mmmmm! As you can see, the dinner is progressing nicely.
Chioggia and Yellow Beet, Sea Bean, Cucumber, Heirloom Baby Lettuce Salad with a Lemon Ginger Hempseed Dressing. Very delicious and fresh - It was assembled right before we ate it. The sea beans were interesting and salty tasting.
House Smoked Porcini Cashew Cheese Stuffed Local Anaheim Chiles with Spinach and Rainbow Chard Saag served with Coriander Basmati Rice and a Bing Cherry Parsley Chutney. The mushroom cashew cheese in chiles were incredible. I could have eaten a pile of them. The rest of the entree was great too, but I can't stop thinking about the chiles. Must try to replicate.
Flaming Fury Peach Torte with a Pecan Fig Crust and a Vanilla Bean, Nutmeg, Coconut Ice Cream. Oooh, it was like a pineapple upside down cake w/out the cake part. I really loved it because it was satisfying w/out being filling. The perfect ending to an amazing meal. Sutra - I shall return!

Now I'm off to eat a tofu salad sandwich while I dream of Sutra.


Here is Tubs, taking a break from trouble making. You can sort of see Chippy in the background on some laundry. It's cat laundry, so that's ok. Like I could stop them - well, maybe if I put it away. Nah, too much effort.


Andrea said...


Jeni Treehugger said...

Ooooh it loooks and sounds super scrummy. I will look forward to the recipe if you manage to make your own Cashew Cheese in Chilis.
No pressure.....


Sal said...

yum all of that looks awesome. hurrah for good vegan options.

Sea Bean - i totally read that as Sean Bean and was like - not vegan but tasty I bet! haha

I ♥ puggies said...

You're so lucky you live by vegetarian resturaunts. It looks like it was a fantastic meal!

For the Love of Guava said...

ooh fancy! looks SOOO good!!!

P.S. I just did hummus stuffed deep fried chiles... not nearly as pretty but pretty tasty!

Binx said...

oh wow... looks great! and now i have an idea of what to make with the Anaheim chili's I'm growing... if you figure out the recipe, please post it!

Kelly said...

That all looks fantastic.

Felicity said...

ya, what Jeni said. Looking forward to your cashew cheese in chili experiments.

avix said...

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