Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kobie picks his own blackberries

All of the eating and venturing in this post was back in June, except for the Kobie footage. I'm a bit behind as usual. I know I've cooked since, but sometimes I feel like I eat away from home too much. Oh, what a difficult life :)


This will be my 3rd time eating here. The first time was fantastic, the second so-so, the third was pretty amazing, except for the just ok risotto. I don't remember any of the names of the dishes, so I'll make them up. That's ok because they have a menu that changes.

Super delicious stack of asparagus topped with nasty bitter frisee and some lentils on a bed of lemony creamy stuff. This was back in asparagus season and I could have eaten the whole thing, but I always split my food w/ Andy.

Red Quinoa crunchy things. No idea what was in them, but they were tasty.
Sunny pasta with hazelnuts on a bunch of portobello mushrooms. The sun was starting to set and made a mess of my photos.
Really tasty asparagus on top of really boring risotto. I should never have listened to the obviously not vegan waitress when she said to not get the pizza w/out cheese because it needed the cheese. What was I thinking?

Balls that were filled with rice pudding like stuff w/ an almond in the center. on top of a bed of cherry sauce and then topped w/ crispy ginger. Pretty cool.

Chocolate mousse on top of sour cherries. I'm not usually a mousse fan, but this was really really good. We totally scored w/ the desserts. Typically Carmelita has sorbet for the vegan dessert. Hey! Sorbet is NOT a dessert. It is an in between courses palate cleanser.

They connect Lake WA to the Puget Sound. Lake WA is higher up than the Puget Sound. It's also fresh water and the Puget Sound is salt. The Locks keep Lake WA from getting salty.
I like this pic because it has some really bright neon green moss. pretty...
That bridge has nothing to do w/ locks, but looks cool. When I took the pic, I was standing on the locks (you can walk across them).
Fish ladder.

This place is in University Village. Vegan items are clearly marked. I was happy w/ the selection (meaning we had around 5 choices and could get an appetizer) and the taste. For some reason, I don't see the fresh rolls we got. Hmmmm... I'm a slacker.

Some Kind of Noodle soup w/ lots of veggies.
Tofu stir fry type deal.
I was picking blackberries on my driveway and Kobie decided to join in. Yeah, WTF. Here is a video to show you I'm not messing around w/ photoshop. Sort of a blurry video because they make it too big, but it's my 2nd youtube attempt.


Jeni Treehugger said...

That is just too darn adorable for words. I LOVE that boy the more and more I see of him!!

Almost forgot to comment on the food hee hee hee.
I LOVE the look and sound of them Ball thingies.

Sal said...

Kobie is too cute, picking the berries.

All the food looks awesome. I agree, sorbet is not proper pudding. But sometimes (read always!), it's the only vegan option on the menu here, unless you actually go to a veggie restaurant.

For the Love of Guava said...

Hey the kobester's pretty good at that!!! Hehee... totally made my morning!!!

That food looks nummy and I think the sunlight looks wonderful... **cheers to nights out!**

Andrea said...

I really like Carmelita and we have a large gift certificate there. The food from Zao looks really good. Maybe I shouldn't be reading food blogs when I'm starving.

Great pics of the locks! And I believe Kobie is picking his own berries. I've seen my dogs watch me and copy the picking in our garden. They went for the kale!

p.s. I'm in Seattle!

Chessa said...

We had a dog that totally used to eat blackberries off the cane! She was a yellow mutt, and would come home with a purple muzzle, it was hilarious!!! Go Kobie!

Boy, do I need to find a babysitter so we can check out Carmelita! And Zao looks yummy too. God I'm starving, I need a snack after this post! ;)

Tara said...

Kobie is too cute! What a smart doggie!
All of the food looks good, but I'd love to have some of the chocolate mousse with the sour cherries right now!

Mihl said...

I would love to eat out that much! You seem to have lots of great vegan options.
And Kobi knows what's good.

Vegetation said...

Mmm great eats! I have trouble finding vegetarian options let alone vegan and soy free? Pfft, forget it!

Aww Kobie is too cute!!