Monday, June 29, 2009


I've been busy these past few weekends. I got to lay around all yesterday, which I really needed. Now I don't have any major deadlines, so I can do what I want. Even better, Andy is taking a month off starting on Friday. Yay! We aren't going anywhere, just chillin'.

Here are pics from NARN bingo that raised money for their anti foie gras campaign.

My winning card (we were going for a box pattern):

I won potholders & some cool bags. The potholders have been hidden away so I will have something unstained/burned to take to potlucks. What I made for prizes. I made 2 boxes of treats. Each had about 5 cookies 'n cream cupcakes (vegan cupcakes take over the world), 15 or so peanut butter pillows cookies (ppk blog), and 4 lemon polenta cookies (aka lemon gravel cookies from an old issue of Veggie Life).

A while back (hmmm... I'm always behind, huh?) I made some of the red curry paste from a PCC cooking class, which was the base for some kick ass panang curry (paste, sugar, coconut milk, lightly fried tofu, and portobello mushrooms). It was AMAZING!!! If you live in the Seattle area, you have to take a class w/ Pranee (make sure it says "Vegetarian; no dairy or eggs").

Like any proper dog, Kobie loves car rides.
Mmmmm... wind licking
On the way to the furry 5k, he opened car windows on his own.
Tired after the furry 5k.

Drinking some ice water. Andy fills up a tupperware container w/ ice and hours later when Kobie wants to drink, it is about 1/2 ice, 1/2 water. If he won't drink, I can easily get him to chew on ice.


Suzanne said...

Wow! Cool prizes. Congratulations! Those peanut butter pillows look yummy. I made something similar from someone's cookbook - can't remember whose...maybe My Sweet Vegan. Yummo.
Did you decide what you're making for the 4th? said...

Cool potholders!

I love those cookies 'n cream cupcakes, I always make them if I can get hold of vegan Oreos or Newman O's. Also your dog's cute!

For the Love of Guava said...

YAY! **high fives bingo victory**

your treatskies look delish.. .and oohh man... you know how I feel about curry!

*tosses kobe an ice cube*

Andrea said...

Ah, new potholders would be nice. All of ours are disgusting.

That curry looks and sounds delicious. I'm in the mood for some sort of spicy tofu.

Tara said...

Ah, Kobie! That curry looks so good!

Rose said...

Howdy, thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog :)

Your doggy is so cute, and i agree, i think all dogs lovee car rides!

The bake sale looks excellent! I wish there was one like that here in Adelaide! I have to wait until the vegan festival later in the year to try yummy things like that.


Mihl said...

Wow! Those cupcakes, I wish I was able to win one of your treats.

Sal said...

those cupcakes look great and i still haven't made those pb pillows yet!!

kobie is so adorable!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Awww Kobie - I like licking the wind too. Although looking at those peanut butter pillow cookies, I'm trying hard not to lick the monitor right now!!
Give him a big Jeni cuddle from me.

YAY! for winning Bingo and what an awesome cause too.

Vegetation said...

Aww Kobie is too gorgeous!! And what a clever man...opening his own windows!!

Those cookies and cupcakes look fantastic!!!

And don't worry about blogging from a while ago, I frequently blog from a while ago (I just phrase it "the other night" so it doesn't sound like it was a while back :P)

Felicity said...

Kobie is very clever. I am intrigued with the whole wind-licking thing.