Monday, June 22, 2009

Bake sale success!

The bake sale was a huge success. As a result, I'm completely tired today. Zero desire to do anything, and I have lots to do :( Enough whining, because I'm sure you want details on the sale.

I met a fellow blogger! Tofu Mom and her boyfriend made an appearance and we talked about things like making barbie cakes. Tofu Mom, I've confirmed what I already knew from reading your blog, you're awesome!

There were 28 different kinds of baked goods at the sale, 554 items in total. I bought a bunch of them, but I missed out on a few kinds because I was too caught up in the logistics of the sale.

Baked goods kept rolling in throughout the day, so what you could buy at any given hour would change.

Here is some of what I bought (Andy & I are still working our way through them). The cookies at the bottom right are mojito cookies and they are refreshingly minty and surprisingly mojito-y -- I loved them!

Here is what I made.

I used mostly eco friendly containers. Bagasse paper containers for the baklava and cupcakes. Natural Value waxed paper bags for the scones. I say mostly eco because the baklava needed an aluminum foil liner because it's so sticky and I didn't trust the bagasse container.

Cheddar Cheezly Scones using Bittersweet's delicious recipe. I actually made them twice for a total of 4.5 batches. They went quickly.

Cookies 'n Creme Cupcakes from where else but Vegan Cupcake Take Over the World. I sold them w/ 2 Newman O's so people could scrape frosting off the cupcake. My real motivation for that was to make sure there weren't lots of Newman O's lying around at home for me to eat.

Persian Baklava from a PCC Cooks class recipe.

More pics of the sale can be found here. The pic of the PB Insider eater is Sidecar's manager.

Now do you know why I'm tired? Two days of bake saleing is hard work.


Random summer fruits.


The new foster dog is here! Her name is Diana and she has tons of puppy energy because she is only 7 months old.

It's really hard to take a picture of a white dog on a super sunny day, so you can just barely see that she has super fuzzy wispy fur. That's because she is a longdog, which is a cross between 2 types of sighthound. In this case part greyhound. The things you learn while fostering dogs.

Aside from that, she is like any other dog I have fostered - loves to lick my face, likes to steal cat poop and cat food (though hopefully not before licking me), is way too interested in Kobie, and has lots of energy. I have found a way to keep her occupied and that's by giving her a Snook's dried sweet potato treat. It takes her hours to eat it.

Around here, a cat is always watching. This time it's only 2 - Chippy and The Judge.


Marni said...

All the bake sale goodies look and sound fantastic! Seems like it was a success! Congrats and job well done on all the hard work. :)

Andrea said...

The photos of your baked goods look fantastic, but it's so hot here at the moment that the thing that really got my attention was the fruit!

I've never been to Sidecar for Pigs Peace but we will be living pretty close to it when we come to Seattle. We'll also be right around the corner from Mighty-O. Good thing I'm not a huge doughnut fan --- yet.

jd said...

All of those vegan goodies look amazing, and it sounds like the bake sale was a huge success! Awesome work - you definitely deserve a rest :)

PS Diana is adorable! said...

All your baks sale godies look amazing especially the cheezley scones. As I live in the home of Cheezley I might make those this evening!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I just sat here looking at those scrummy baked goods and have managed to make myself crave something sweet and sticky - just like your Baklava!!
So glad it was a success and how cool you got to meet Tofu Mom!
Diana is BEAUTIFUL!!Such a gentle looking face, although she's HUGE for a puppy. Will she grow any bigger do you think? And I see Chippy and The Judge are trying to suss her out already.

Hannah said...

What an incredible bake sale- Everything looks irresistible!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe for the scones, too. :)

For the Love of Guava said...

WOW lady!!! You're AMAZING! I'm so bummed I missed this post until now... I was checking all week but didn't realize it was the same banner with a different post until today... duh... teehee... but totally worth the wait!

I suggest you stuff yourself silly with sweets then nap in the grass with Di Di you deserve it!

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

WOO! Totally jazzed that I got to meet YOU too! I finally got around to blogging about it too, and totally admit I borrowed your link so people could see the GREAT bake sale pictures.

I'd be SO down with baking for the next Vegan Bake Sale, just say the word.

And those cupcakes? Yes, they were just amazing looking little things. SO SO impressed!

wingraclaire said...

Wow! What an amazing bake sale! I am so impressed by all you made... and by everything at the sale.

Your new puppy looks adorable... and energetic! Hope you eat enough cookies to have the energy for her!

We just returned from a driving trip to Colorado. Speculated about how long it would take to drive to Seattle (Andrea is moving there soon) and thought maybe we should consider flying.... I have NEVER been there, but you are the hugest (vegan) Seattle booster I know of, and every time I read your blog I get envious... and hungry!

Felicity said...

The bake sale goodies look awesome, especially those cupcakes. Diana is gorgeous!

Amy said...

Wandered in from Tofu Mom's blog... love the dogs! Fostering is great. Meanwhile you guys make me want to move to the NW.