Friday, May 29, 2009

Vegan Meetup Picnic -- Furry 5k -- Andy's bday

The Seattle Vegan Meetup group ( is having a potluck picnic on Saturday, June 6th. I went to the 4th of July picnic last year and it was fun. There was also a LOT of delicious vegan food. I hope I see you Seattle peeps there.


The Furry 5k is on Sunday, June 7th. It raises money for the Help the Animals Fund, which provides veterinary care and supplies for sick, injured or abused orphaned shelter animals.

I'll be taking the walking option w/ Kobie, Andy, some friends and possibly a new foster dog. Kobie loves to hang out and eat sandwiches, which is what we'll be doing after the walk.


Andy's bday was this month. I decided to make him a bday feast. 4 items doesn't make a feast, but I was tired all the same.

I made miso soup (no pic) using this stock recipe (dashi). It was the easiest stock I've ever made. Just boil up some kombu and dried shitake mushrooms, then strain.

I asked Andy if he wanted green tea, he said "can't we have orange soda"? About 1/2 way through the meal, I asked him why he wasn't drinking his "tea". Apparently, he confused the orange soda (in the teapot)for green tea because natural soda is not nuclear orange.

I made the chinese dumpling recipe that I got in a class I took at PCC. It worked out well because it called for rehydrated shitake mushrooms, so I used the ones from the dashi I had made. They were perfection. I cheated and used a gyoza press.

3 kinds of Sushi. (V'con Elephant Roll: avocado & chopped peanuts), (teriyaki tofu/green onion/red pepper/cilantro), (avocado)

Tomato Soup Cake with lemon glaze & zezt. The recipe is from Passions, a truly bizarre soap that was cancelled. It is a spice cake.

Campbell's tomato soup is accidentally vegan. I replaced the butter w/ Earth Balance, eggs with Ener'G egg replacer, milk with a soy/rice milk blend. I typically tone down the amount of certain spices, but I followed the recipe on the spices. The batter should be sort of thick, but not so thick that it is hard to smooth in the pan. I always add more soy milk. The batter looks really nasty, but when it's baked, it looks and tastes really good.

Lemon glaze = powdered sugar, lemon juice, soy milk, vanilla. You just add stuff until it's the right consistency. Start with powdered sugar, then slowly add/mix lemon juice. I add soy milk when it starts to taste too lemony, but is still too thick. When I'm happy w/ the consistency, I add in about 1 tsp of vanilla. You have to taste it a lot. As you can see from the picture, I always make a huge mess with this stuff.
In honor of Andy's bday, Peepa practiced yoga pose #2329B aka Downward Facing Tummy Lick. Yes, he is cleaning his stomach.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Campbell's Tomato Soup is vegan???
You've made me one happy bunny after reading that. I hope it's not the Oreo incident all over again - that being that they are vegan that side of the pond but not over here!
Damn I'm so going to the shop to check the tin!
That Cake has completely got me intrigued and I can not for the life of me imagine what it must taste like....
Those Dumplings look AWESOME and I'd say that's a pretty good birthday feastlet.

I'm laughing at Peeper - he's so funny.

Vegetation said...

Happy Birthday to Andy! Wow! Tomato soup cake! I LOVE that idea!!!

Haha, I love Peeper's yoga pose. Toby gets one foot that he sticks straight up in the air, usually when I'm watching tv and usually it blocks 99% of the screen!

wingraclaire said...

I think four dishes is a feast, and Andy is a lucky guy!!!

For the Love of Guava said...

hehee... I totally went through a Passions stage because one of the players was on tour with celebrity basketball (a hs fundraiser where B (or C) list celebs do community service by traveling in a basketball team and playing your varsity or teachers or something)... that show was REALLY weird. HAHAHAA... major camp points!

... and as a sidenote a totally appropriate theme to celebrate a loved ones b-day...

damn... if only I had peepa's flexibility!

Suzanne said...

I made the Elephant sushi on Saturday. HUGE mess, but not bad for my first attempt at sushi and very tasty.

Speaking of sandwiches, I had an avocado panini at PCC this weekend that was like a religious experience! Delish!!!!!!!!!!

Peepa's got the yoga skillz!

Felicity said...

The birthday feast looks great. I love sushi. Must get off my butt and try making it soon.

All this time my cats were doing yoga and I didn't realise it. Cats are so cool.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Campbells Cream of Tomato isn't vegan. Kinda thought it was too good to be true! I wonder what that's all about - how the exact same brand of something (Campbells, Oreos etc etc)can contain two completely different sets of ingredients!! It doesn't make sense.

Rose said...

Hey, Im a first time visitor to your blog. I really like the look of those chinese dumplings you made, yum!