Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Seattle, it's never too hot for soup

Ok, that's not quite true. there will be a few days this summer (maybe weeks?) where it will be too hot for soup. It has been scorching hot here a few days in April. Today, it's been heavy steady rain all day long. I'm blogging to fill time before the cat in the hat comes over and makes a bigger mess of the house.

Lately, I've been spending most of my time cleaning out the den. Soon it will become my exercise and computer oasis. I will be moving the computer to the den because I use it less. The other reason is so the living room will look less like nerd central with all of it's cables and computers.

Back on topic... I made 2 soups in April.

The black bean soup from the Real Food Daily cookbook. Ahhh-may-zing! It had tons of flavor and the jalapeno lime creme on top was great. I found the recipe on Amazon. I will try a couple more recipes and If I love them as much as this one, then I'll buy the book. This is my attempt at trying to avoid building a library wing filled with (more) neglected cookbooks.

I can't remember whose blog mentioned that they had made the ever so delicious Quinoa Soup recipe from Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking. I thank you, mysterious blogger, and I also thank Andrea for sharing the recipe.


Cats aren't always going to wait while you fiddle around w/ the camera. In this particular situation, the important thing was to capture the action. The Judge invaded Tubs' turf (on top of the cabinets).

He was groomed.

Tubs decided that he prefers his sanctuary to be Judge free, so he took off.


VeganView said...

Ahhh a Real Food Daily cookbook?! Say it's not so?!

beastmomma said...

I commend your efforts to reduce the appearance of a nerd central area. Also, the soup looks lovely.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Awww bless Tubs - nice to know you'll be met with a groom if you invade his space.

That black bean soup looks SO good!

Sal said...

black bean soup sounds amazing!

Mihl said...

Both soups look delicious! I am a new fan of black bean soup. I don't know how I was alble to live without it for so long.

pixiepine said...

The soups looks great. I really want to get that RFD cookbook. I had the club sandwich there on vacation once, and it was soooo good.

wingraclaire said...

Yeah, that quinoa soup is delicious! And today (or yesterday) she has quinoa pilaf.... she really likes quinoa!!!

That black bean soup looks really good too. I agree, it's almost never a bad time for soup.

For the Love of Guava said...

nom... it's getting a tad bit warm for soup around these parts but I may have to pick a cool evening to cook some up for the next day... mmm... jalapeno lime cream eh?

Hippolyra said...

The blackbean soup loks really good.

And I love Tubs walking down a vertical cupboard....

Vegetation said...

I only have about 3 vegan cookbooks and I still tend to neglect them! I'm always thinking I should add to them though. I love nabbing a couple of recipes from amazon to help me decide :) That soup looks incredible!

And I love Tubs markings! He looks like a little wildcat!

Anonymous said...

the black bean soup looks yummy! Tubs is pretty, I love the spots on his back.

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