Wednesday, March 11, 2009

steppin' out (on my kitchen)

I think the cold is making me lazy or slowing down my ability to move, like I'm going into some sort of hibernation w/out the benefit of delicious sleep. I don't want to cook or do much at all. Even blog :). All I want to do is to take a bath so I can get warm.

Case in point. I went out to eat a lot in February and I'm just now blogging about it.

I went to the same places that I always seem to go...

Pizza Pi.

Bread sticks in a white dippping sauce. I think we broke tradition and got these instead of our normal caesar's salad.

Pink Lady Pizza. Potatoes, olives, and other yummy stuff. I should make a vow to stop saying yummy. It's sort of like saying "ummm". You'd never hear me say it in person. Anyhow, ummmm, I always get this pizza. I almost got something different, but since Andy was getting an unknown entity, I had to keep something the same. yeah, that's it.
No-Meatball Sub. I think. It was crunchy, cheeZy good.
Cafe Flora.

I've learned that unless they have something really special on their dinner menu, it's best to go to brunch here.

I have no idea and keep forgetting to ask why they put boxes around some of the items on their menu.

Cinnamon rolls. no pic because I was really spacey from the tea I was drinking. Just thought I'd mention them to torture you.

Mushroom gravy & biscuits. the biscuits were good, but the gravy was meh. Though I did eat it for leftovers the next day w/out complaint.

Pesto Tofu Scramble. The make really great tasting scrambles. I loved the pesto on top. mmmm... crunchy potatoes.

Since this post is all about steppin' out, I'm using this squirrel pic because I don't really have a good cat/dog pic that fits. I'll have to work on that w/ Mr. Kobie. Anyhow, I'm sure Joanna will love this squirrel even though he's not as plump as her favorite.
Time to go make some tea or something hot because my fingers are really cold right now.


Vegetation said...

Haha, it's not the weather! It's still warm over here and I'm in a food and blogging funk too!

I love your squirrel! He's too cute! We don't get them here :(

For the Love of Guava said...

Hey Lady! We did miss you and to think you were chowing down on all that yummy (haha... I don't think I ever say yummy in real life either) food without us! That pesto scramble look delicious... I was just thinking that's what my scramble needed the other day but ergh... I haven't had much luck with basil I've already killed two plants and am working on a third... my seed sprouters have never made it past a measly inch or so... any organic gardening tips from your class for me? :)

**Hugs Bethany, Snaps picture of Kobie's adorableness, and contemplates trying to cuddle with wild squirrel friend**

beastmomma said...

Now my stomach is growling :) Anyway, Cafe Flora puts boxes around the items on their menu that are seasonal. They are around for a limited time.

wingraclaire said...

Yeah, but it all LOOKS yummy, so what can you do?

Veg-a-Nut said...

My hands get cold typing no matter what time of the year it is. My heart goes out to you, I hate being cold!. Hope you unthaw soon! Warm hugs coming your way!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I know what you mean about wanting to hibernate - I've been feeling sluggish and lazy and I'm well and truly ready for Spring.
That No-Meatball Sub just looks sooooo good and I say yummy ALL the time - in real life too.
LOVE Mr Squirrel.