Monday, February 2, 2009

Letting it all hang out

Calling all Seattleites! NARN is hosting a brownie baking contest this weekend. $10 to be a judge (aka stuff your face w/ brownies).

When: Sunday, Feb 8th @ 4:00pm
Where: Wayward Cafe (901 NE 55th St, U-District)

I've got something else in the works, but thought I'd tempt you with some cheeZecake brownies. For the cheezecake part, I used the recipe from Philadelphia cream cheese, but subbed in toffutti for the cheeZe and Ener'g egg replacer for the egg. I also added in some vanilla. They tasted ok. I'd make them again.

Since I suck at making brownies, I used a mix, "Ooey Gooey Chocolatey Chewy Brownies" by the Craving's Place. It has huge pieces of chocolate that stay melty. You can see one on top of the brownie below.

PS. if you can't make it, the night before they are having an auction. I'll be baking something for that too.


Cooking classes have started up again at PCC. The first class that I took was a bread baking class taught by George de Pasquale from the Essential Baking Company. Not only did he know his stuff backwards, forwards, upside down and sideways, but he was really funny.

He smacked down lots of myths and BS about baking bread w/ a starter. He showed us how to bake artesian crusty bread, baker's math and how to wield a spray bottle. Very cool. If you live in the Seattle area, TAKE THIS CLASS!!!!


Ever seen a greyhound hoozit? I have. You don't really have a choice when it's displayed for all to see for long periods of time (just in case you didn't notice right away).


wingraclaire said...

Thanks for the birds-eye view :)

yasmin said...

aw, such a cute pic of the grayhound, though she looks slightly possessed!

those brownies look great. and very tempted to check out the brownie baking contest! sounds awesome.

thanks for the heads-up.

glad to hear the sourdough class is cool; i signed up for it. i just took the flavors of persia one last week and it was really cool, persian food is yummy.

Mihl said...

What a cute dog!

I ♥ puggies said...

Your brownies look wonderful. I know you said you have the Joy of Vegan Baking Recipe Book, have you tried the brownie recipe in it? I just LOVE it. Best brownies I ever ate.

And I'm envious of your bread class. I have a serious love affair with all breads.

Sal said...

the brownies look yum. cute pup too!

For the Love of Guava said...

okay those brownies look amazing... i'd bake them but first off that doggy needs a belly rub straightaway!

River said...

Sable is such a clown!! Could your brownies look any yummier?

Felicity said...

mmmm, brownies. I love that shot of Sable. Looks like she has settled right in. Is she still afraid of the cats?

Vegetation said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm brownies. YUM! Double yum for the big chocolate chunks (what more could a girl ask for?!?!)

And awww Sable is too cute! I want to rub her belly so badly!

chou said...

I love gooey brownies. We used ground up flaxseed once as an egg replacer, have you tried that? I haven't tried the Energ egg replacer yet (my non-veganness slows down such hunts), but will try it soon. I'm interested to see how it works!