Sunday, January 18, 2009

My new foster dog is here

I've been a total slacker w/ the blog lately. For some reason, I have lost my motivation to do anything.

I haven't tried that many new recipes that were worth blogging about, so you're not missing much. I've been sticking some of my favorites.
  • oatmeal cookies from the Joy of Vegan Baking - they make about 3 dozen, delicious cookies.
  • enchilada bake/stack up/lasagna. exactly the same as the enchiladas I have posted about before, but you just stack them up like lasagna.
  • pancakes galore from candle cafe. Andy is really into making giant stacks of mini pancakes.
  • white bean boursin from the ultimate uncheese cookbook
  • The first of the 2 chickpea salad recipes on susanv's blog. this is the best sandwich spread. A good way to use up leftover celery. I just love it.
  • frozen stuff that I made in December (empanadas, ravioli, stuffed shells). The stuffing in the shells held up well in the freezer, but the pasta part was not quite right. I think the trick is to not cook them all the way. Next time I'll just make eggplant parm and freeze that. or better yet, make pesto ravioli. the other 2 things were great.
Towards the end of this month a new round of cooking classes will start up, so you'll hear all about them.


Last weekend, we went out to Bamboo Garden, a vegan Chinese restaurant in Seattle.

Corn Chowder. They have 2 kinds on the menu. This is the super thick kind. Yum. You can't go wrong w/ their soup.

General Tso's "Chicken". Delicious fake chicken battered, deep fried and covered w/ a spicy sauce. We almost always get this or the almond "chicken".

Szechuan Fake Chicken over Noodles. I forget the real name, but this was pretty good. Blurriness is due to relentless steam action.

Yesterday. I brought home the new dog I'm fostering. Her name is Sable. So far she seems afraid of the cats. They tried hard to ger her to like them by warming up some of her beds.

And here she is... Hanging out in the yard w/ her sexy coat.


yasmin said...

cute coat! good luck w/ adjustment of the foster dog.

bamboo garden looks pretty good.

wingraclaire said...

Sable is a lucky pooch. And fashionable, too!

Thanks to your blog, I'm racking up quite the wish list in case my appetite and I ever make it to Seattle!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I never have Soup when I eat Chinese - probably because I'm wary of the sneaky animal products they hoof into it but you're so lucky having a Vegan Chinese restaurant!!
Sable is a beauty - especially in her groovy coat!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sable! She looks great in her snazzy coat!
I hope to foster cats and dogs in the future, when we get a bigger place.
You are wonderful for fostering the little fuzzles! Very inspiring >:o)

I ♥ puggies said...

Sable is so cute! You're so kind to open your home to her. Good luck with everything!

River said...

Aww, kitties warming up puppie's bed! Sable is such a little cutie, and very lucky to have such awesome foster parents!

Hippolyra said...

Sable looks lovely - I wish I had space for a dog. I am looking forward to more photos of her soon!

Joanna said...

bethany, i am just as lazy as you are. i rarely move anymore, unless it's going to school.

these twilight books have got me hooked and i just can't leave the couch to do anything!!!

at least you have sable now. afterall, you'll have to take her for walks and stuff. she looks ready for the runway haha

Felicity said...

Sable is beautiful... I love greyhounds! I always thought they would want to chase cats.

Bamboo Garden looks really good. I miss eating at Bo Kong in Vancouver, a most excellent veggie Chinese restaurant.

Bethany said...

some do chase cats. they test them to see if they are cat compatible before they make it to my house.

Vegetation said...

Awww Sable looks beautiful and I love the kitty's warming up her bed!

For the Love of Guava said...

aww... Sable looks so warm in her sassy coat! I thought she found a family?? Was that a different pretty greyhound?

Bethany said...

this is a different greyhound. greyhound #2 for me.

For the Love of Guava said...

YAY!! I'm glad Sable found such a good Vegan Foster Mommy!