Monday, January 26, 2009

More snow!!!!!

I can't believe how messed up the weather is in the Pacific NW this year. Yeah, I know some of you love snow, so do I maybe once per year for a day or two. It's just not natural for my area to get so much. Global warming suxor!

While I'm not loving it, there are 2 residents that do.

This was Sable's first day in the snow.

Sable inspecting Kobie while he is busy. Somebody needs to learn some manners.

She is finally starting to run in the backyard. The point and shoot camera doesn't take very happy pictures in that part of the yard. Either that or we have a secret doorway to a planet that has a weak sun. The first picture was taken w/ the SLR in manual mode.

Looks can be deceiving. I'm not eating a stack of jumbo pancakes, Andy just really loves to make stacks of small pancakes. I do love a river of syrup, though... More fun from the Candle Cafe cookbook.


Last week I made one of my favorite yet simple meals, Enchilda Pie. It's comprised of layers of tortillas, black beans, Follow Your Heart mozzerlla cheeZe (optional), diced green chiles, and a ton of enchilada sauce. Then I put some salsa on top. I can't seem to find the right size tortilla for my round casserole dish (and I'm too lazy to make them). I guess it all works out because it allows the sauce to flow freely in the pan.


Suzanne said...

Both look yummeee!
With all the cookbooks we have, we don't have the Candle Cafe one. Guess we need to get it. I'm gonna try the chickpea cutlets this week - maybe tonight.

Tara said...

The pancakes look great but I could really go for some of that enchilada casserole! It is weird that you are getting so much snow--send it up here! I don't have enough to go snowshoeing on!

alaina said...

those pancakes are so pretty especially with the syrup drizzling all over!

wingraclaire said...

Mmmmmmm, that enchilada pie looks delicious. I just bought some other kind of vegan cheeze that tastes terrible... I will have to try your kind.

I can't believe you have more snow!!! What's the deal with Seattle this year? Good luck getting around this time!


Vegetation said...

Awww Sable is too cute! I love the mini pancake stack (it looks huge!) and mmmm that casserole sounds like my kind of casserole. Yum!

I ♥ puggies said...

OMG! I'm drooling over your enchilada pie!

Felicity said...

Gak, not more snow! You can send some over here, we haven't had any yet this year. Sable and Kobie look very pleased, though.

Love the pancake stack with syrup in action.

The enchilada casserole looks delish. Do you make or buy the enchilada sauce? There's a really good one available here, but I'd like to learn to make my own.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Sable is adorable - it's so nice to see her running and I'm sure Kobie will put some manners on her soon.
That Enchilada Pie is GENIUS!!
And all I'm gonna say about that stack of Pancakes is "Drooooooool......"


River said...

Aww, I love how Sable is running around in the snow and having a good time! What a cute little butt-sniffer!

I love little pancakes! I make a big batch and freeze them, and then we pop the tiny pancakes in the toaster for a quick snack. The photo with the syrup pouring all over that big stack is making me drool uncontrollably.

Your enchilada pie looks seriously good, I sense an enchilada dinner in our near future!

Hang in there with the snow madness!!

Kelly said...

The animal photos are so cute and your kitchen creations are making me drool. I want to lick the screen.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Haha you're right; the hobbits have one meal up on me-- I only eat six!

Speaking of second breakfasts... you look like you have some pancakes to share. Mind if I snatch a few?

For the Love of Guava said...

mm... I had a couple dry enchilada experiences but it might be time to take another crack at them. I could use some shredded cheese... seems like all the ones at the Mother's near me have casein (Veggie/Rice Shreds) they have the follow your heart brand just not in shredded cheese... weird...

P.S. Sable's gorgeous if not poorly mannered... :)