Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Package Swap!!!

I did the Cook.Vegan.Lover package swap this year. If you haven't done a swap before, I highly reccomend doing one. Shopping and receiving gifts are fun, but the best part is getting to know somebody new via email.

My partner was Liz from Vegan Food Rocks, an awesome lady from the east coast. Email revealed that we have a lot in common. The package I sent was sort of caramel centric. The package I received was really yummy and I almost forgot to take pics. What can I say... when I get a package filled with treats, I want to try them right away :)

Here are the goods...
a really cool note & some cranberry floss. I'm thinking elves dip the floss in the cranberry bogs all so I can keep my teeth cran sparkly (which I do). PS. what do you think of the color of my kitchen wall? It helps brighten up those gloomy winter days in Seattle.
mmm... onto the chocolate! The pistachio is my fave, though the others are close behind.

Just in time for tea & toast season. Cocoa & toast season doesn't happen until January. Plus some granola for topping off oatmeal. Ha! Who am I kidding, I eat it straight from the container.

Now for the best raw macaroons ever! They were spicy hot and I mowed them down right away. & Liz Lovely cookies from the awesome state that I grew up in, VT. w00t! Wait wait, Liz Lovely cookies from the lovely Liz!

Thank you Thank you Thank you, Liz! Thank you, Lindsay, for hosting!


Now introducing 2 new additions to my furry family... for some reason I don't have any action pics, just the lazy kind. Tubs is trying to train them, but he admits it will take a while.

Lady Fiona Stardust - Lady + Fiona from Burn Notice + Stardust, a book & movie that I love.
Harry Potter - His track name had Harry in it, and as soon as I saw that, Harry Potter stuck in my head.


Molly said...

The swap goods are excellent!

Love the new additions to your family. What cuties! Congrats!!

bitt said...

Mmm all that raw chocolate has me drooling. I didn't know you were from Vermont.

Love the new pups, are they fosters or permanent pups?

talha said...

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File' said...

I love greyhounds. I plan on adopting on when I can. I had a whippet once. Such good dogs.

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Catfuds said...

prety cat....kitty cat