Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maui baby! part 3

ok, this post is all due to Andrea. She got me to check out River's blog (which is even more cool than normal because this month is Halloweegan) and now here I am posting something. Andrea is tricky :).

Before I blab about Maui (a trip I took way back in the spring), I need to give a shout out to the bake sale I'm organizing.

Vegan Bake Sale
October 23rd & 24th
Sidecar in Seattle

I can attest from doing this bake sale 5 times before this that there is something for everybody. delicious! Here's how I recommend planning your trip to the bake sale: have a great breakfast / lunch at Wayward, then head across the street to the bake sale. Should I also mention that Sidecar has a bunch of new stuff?

If you'd like to bake, please email seattlebakesale [at] hotmail [dot isn't is annoying that spammers force me to chop up an email addy?] com

Now onto Maui... and believe me I could use me some Maui today. It's gloomy here.

For me these are the bfasts of fantasy - perfect fruit including maui mangoes, toasted bagels and most imporant, we ate them out on the balcony overlooking the water.

bfast view. the inlet that you see in this pic doesn't have the clearest water for snorkeling, though not murky water shark death either. The reason to snorkel here is that every day, there are at least 6 GIANT turtles. This tiny inlet is directly south (and adjacent) to Napili bay. Btw, if you go to Maui, check out Napili bay beach. It has a steep slope, so you can lay on the sand and the surf will shoot you up the beach and back down. it's really fun, but be prepared for a bathing suit filled w/ sand. Miso mayo on a bagel, hell yeah! the purple fruit is some strange HI thing that was pretty but didn't taste like much. cleanup duty by a very brazen vixen or dude. not sure which.bonus of banana bread from mana foods that I put in the toaster. it's hard not getting pb on your english muffin when Andy is working the toaster.
This wasn't bfast, just a random fruit snack
Joy's Place
I love going to Joy's place because you can get both raw and cooked food that tastes great after getting slammed around by the waves.

joy roll (fresh roll wrap around nori, sprouts, carrot, avocado, and more)
indo crunch wrap (my fave). I forget what the crunch part is, but it's all good.

hummus wrap

smoothies and a coffeechai drink
raw chocolate pudding & raw macaroons

The Scary Ride To The Airport
On our way home, the main road to the airport was closed due to a brush fire. Typically rental companies forbid their cars being driven on the road that is on the NW tip of the island, but the fire left them w/ no choice but to allow it. There is good reason because it's really narrow and winding. It is different than the road to hana because there road really doesn't fit 2 cars and there aren't many places to pull over. Luckily for us, we only met up w/ 1 car going the other direction.
not only narrow, but if you go off the edge, you're going for a death ride.

keeping some distance from the motorcycle (that passed us on this road) and freaky mini van driver dude that had a need for speed.

Whole Foods
After the "fun" narrow road, we ate lunch and bought food for the plane. They have a great food bar that has lots of vegan options. Even a station that had more than 1 made to order vegan sandwich.

Fresh rolls covered w/ a tasty sauce. you can see my brother's fingers patiently waiting as I take some pics.

Pizza w/ Daiya. I really got to snacking before I remembered to take a pic. Excellent whole wheat crust :)
Phew! That's my Maui trip. Next time I go to Maui, I'm staying in a hotel (vs. a condo) because Maui is vegan friendly enough that you don't need your own kitchen.
If I remember I will update this post w/ the 1 place that sells vegan choc covered macadamia nuts. personally I find them to be gross because the chocolate doesn't have a high enough cacao % for me. I prefer my macs roasted & salted. The store is either the KMart or Walmart in the airport town.

Faline aka Lady Cat hanging out in the cat cage. Please note the well kept grass. ha!


Andrea said...

I was all set to head to Maui until I saw the road. Why did you show me that? And what about the award? What's up with that? Oh well, at least you put up a cool post. But now I'm hungry.

Jeni Treehugger said...

YAY! You blogged.
I love seeing your photos of Maui - I'm so impressed with how vegan friendly it is there - it's amazing.
Miso mayo excites me no end and all the food at Joy's place looks ridiculously good.
Faline looks like he's plotting something evil - maybe a fur ball in your shoe or something.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Hey! The poking worked! I'm going to keep pestering and poking everyone that I miss! I'm a very good pesterer! :P

It's so nice to see a new blog post from you! Thank you for the Halloweegan shout-out!

OK, I'm not a water person, but if snorkeling means seeing six giant turtles I want to do it! Turtles are the coolest creatures. And what a view!

Heehee! Your breakfast buddy looks so hungry! Aww, how did you resist the urge to stuff him/her in your purse and bring him home? Oh right. The cats. And it's probably illegal. And not cool. Forget it.

Maui has so much vegan goodness! I'm particularly drooling over the pudding and macaroons.

Gah! That death ride looks so scary! Why would mini van idiot have a need for speed on the death road!

Faline looks so regal there. She looks like she's getting ready to knight or crown someone! :P

beastmomma said...

Lovely to see you blogging again! Maui looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bethany!

Just stopping by after a long hiatus. It's good to catch up and I am incredibly envious of your trip to Maui!

I still think all the time about the vegan care package you sent me as part of the 2008 swap. It was awesome! I use the Sidecar for Pigs Peace bag all the time! Thanks, again!

Take care!

Jeni Treehugger said...


Hope you're all well.

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