Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seattle rocks it w/ The Chocolate Shoebox

I'm really tired because I've been busy buSy biz-ee. Next week I should have a bit of time to check out all of your awesome blogs that I've been missing. My blog-o-rythm is now once every 2 weeks for reading/posting. I guess it's better than once every 3 months. I hope you can bear w/ me.


Seattle has a new vegan shoe & chocolate store that opened today, The Chocolate Shoebox. I helped Sadaf, the owner, setup yesterday. I left before the shoes were put on display, so there were plenty of surprises for me today. I will let the pictures do the talking. I'm using my new phones camera (HTC HD2). At times the pics are sort of fuzzy, but it's much easier than carrying around something bigger.

Day before, still setting up. Sadaf is having some chocolate in the form of a mighty-o.

Saturday, and the grand opening is in full swing. ooh, pretty pink shoe, I love you!

Cool sneakers & a Love bag. The more I look at this bag, the more I want it. I would love a love knapsack.

More awesome handbags.

Sadaf helping a customer

David working the stock room

Sitara working the register. Brandon is in the background filling sample cups.

This chocolate says it all

The belly dancers of Skin Deep arrive. Their subtle moves were too much for my cell phone camera, so the pics are a tad blurry. I recently went to their murder mystery show on the orient express (a Seattle restaurant) ~ very cool! A must see.

My stash. sexy pink sandals for special occasions & some chocolate. 2 more pairs of shoes for me & some green/black ones for Andy.


More cell phone pics. Kobie is hanging in the car on errand day. He is currently banned from errands because he chewed apart the back seat belts AGAIN. Hey, it's in his nature. I'd much prefer that he chew on the canvas shopping bags than seat belts that are $100+ each.

anyhow, he clearly is pissed at me here because I'm interrupting his snack.


PS. I just bought some 44¢ stamps. I'm sure you are thinking, who cares. I do! For a few years now, I've only had old stamps that I had to pair up w/ 1,2, & 3¢ stamps. Just 6 more letters to go and I will be normal! Soon I will kiss you goodbye, last Yoda stamp and start rockin' it w/ Lisa Simpson. >>>disclosure: I still have ~4 sheets of 10¢ stamps to get rid of.


Andrea said...

You got 3 pairs of shoes in one day? Nice haul. I was eying the Jambus you got, and another pair of Simple sneakers but didn't try any on. Now I'll have to go back. I did get a chocolate bar, though.

wingraclaire said...

I am sooooo jealous of you and Andrea, and I don't even wear sexy shoes. Just the idea of shoes I don't have to worry about buying would be nice. And of course chocolate.....

For the Love of Guava said...

ooh... pretty much the sexiest combo...ever!!!

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

bitt of raw said...

Hi Bethany! This is Aimee, who you may remember from Heather's party. Love your blog! Nice to see more Seattle vegan blogs. Mine is mostly raw but I have lots of animal pics too. :-)