Friday, February 26, 2010

The cat that loved sweaters

I've been sick lately, so my time normally spent working out will be channelled into this post. Not dying on the couch type of sick, but just not energetic or feeling great sick. sick enough that my once a week Coke tasted wrong. oh the horror!

So I will blab to you about seattle happenings in tidbit format because that is all my sickness addled mind can handle...


It's almost time for Vegfest - April 10 & 11. If you haven't been before, stop by and sample tons of food and watch some cooking demos or health presentations. good stuff. I'm volunteering w/ Andrea , so it's bound to be fun.


I've eaten at Turnpike a bunch of times and sucked down way too much daiya coated pizza. It's soooo good! If you live in the Seattle area, check it out. Don't be alarmed if it's not mentioned on their website or menu board. They have it, just ask. No pics because I'm out of blogging practice, but if you look really closely you can see the daiya stretching as I eat my pizza (in my mind). ps. they have the best crust.


In case people didn't know, Wayward is moving to 5253 University Ave as I type. I think they should be open this weekend if all goes as planned. tick tock tick tock, I smell hashbrowns.


I've been haunting Loving Hut, a Vietnamese vegan restaurant. Not for the Vietnamese food, but for their veggie cheeZeburger & fries. It is the BEST in Seattle, it even has special sauce (mayo + ketchup). Their menu has pics, so check it out. mmmm...


Chocolate Almond Midnight in mini cupcake form (Millenium Cookbook) that I made for NARAL's Chocolate for Choice benefit - 70 or so of them. There were 2 other vegan bakers there and we almost dominated a table. One of them won w/ her vegan kahlua cheeZecake. woohoo vegans!

ok, I better just give you a pic of a cat and end this post, so I can go check out some blogs before it's time to lay on the couch. I give you Peepa and his 1/2 assed sweater that I knit him. No, I'm not into dressing up cats that don't want it. Peepa totally wants to be dressed up because he can never be warm enough. Next time I will knit in the round w/ a less ugly yarn.


yasmin said...

Always appreciate your updates on what to eat in Seattle. Hope you feel better soon. Btw, Chaco is going to be offering vegan crepes this month! Excited to try those soon.

Andrea said...

Peepa looks super spiffy in his sweater, and rather satisfied with himself. I guess the poor boy isn't too thrilled to see the rain return.

Sorry you're feeling sick, but at least you didn't get sick during the week we had sun. That would have sucked even more.

Thanks for the link. VegFest should be fun, though a bit early in the day for a good time.

beastmomma said...

So glad to see you blogging!!
Hooray, hooray, hooray!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Bless little Peeper! He really doesn't like the colours though does he, maroon and blue were so last season!
Sorry to hear you're sick (I am currently nursing a cold)but I did get super excited when I saw your blog post in my email :)

wingraclaire said...

I'm sorry you've been sick!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

xo Claire

Mihl said...

I'm really sorry you are sick. Hope you feel beter soon!

For the Love of Guava said...

oh man loving hut is up by you guys??? Cool! They have some in our area and just opened one up REALLY close (who needs to cook... EVER) to our house... now we can pretend that we're having meals together... since you're not feeling well how bout big bowls of VEGAN Pho w/ lots of sriracha???

wingraclaire said...

I hope you are feeling better!!!!!!