Friday, April 17, 2009

Pay It Forward 2

A while ago, I had also commented on beastmomma's version of Pay It Forward saying I wanted to participate (and I still do :) ).

I really like her version of PIF so much that I'm going to adopt it.

She really opened up the possibilities of what you can do for somebody in PIF. It's not limited to crafting by any means, so have some fun and get creative. Really it is all about making a connection by doing something unexpected and nice for somebody.

I will "randomly" choose the first 6 people that say that they want to participate (3 for Guava, 3 for Beastmomma) that I will send something to (ok, so that might not be random, but that is ok...). If you're interested, just comment on this or the previous post saying that you want to participate. The number of people that you in turn choose is up to you.

1. You must be a person who wants to spread kindness and joy into the world.

2. You must be willing to leave a comment describing how you "pay it forward" or provide a link to your blog in which you describe your "payment."

3. If you want to participate you must be willing to do something unexpectedly kind for another person (or persons) within the next 365 days. For bloggers, it is preferred that you mail something delightful to folks who leave a comment on your site. An entire year to mail items is very exciting!

4. If you want to participate, please leave a comment on this post saying you want to participate.


beastmomma said...

Hooray for playing it forward! I still need to start on my stuff. I am glad that we are going to be doing this together.

Anonymous said...

I want to play! This was just the thing to tip me over into saying hi. I've been reading your journal for a few months now (since some time before snowpocalypse), and I think I found it by following vegan food blog links.

I love the pictures of food you make, and of your kids. I wish my three cats got along that well. :)

I have some kitty pictures up here:

PirateWa said...

Sign me up for Playing it forward.
The world needs more happy people.

Charlotte (Music and Veganism) said...

Sure, i'll do it. my only hesitation is lack of confidence in myself... i usually need to try to be crafty. but i'll do it for a cause.